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  1. sawduster2

    Wide KD Red Oak

    I have a banded pack of 57 boards of 12.0" and wider Appalachian red oak (Virginia Blue Ridge Mountain timber basin). The boards are 7 & 8' in length and are actually a higher grade than standard FAS/1F lumber at these board were graded against a specification that required a minimum 6.5' of...
  2. sawduster2

    Projects for Cub Scouts? (Age 7-11)

    Back in the BSA Centennial year (2010) I served as a merit badge counselor for the re-introduced carpentry merit badge (issued only in 2010) which included the requirement for the scout to make an item using hand tools. I provided S2S poplar that was ripped to width and had the scouts cut out a...
  3. sawduster2

    Moulder anyone?

    I have 3 Williams & Hussey moulders and plan to reduce the fleet to 2. I'm going to sell either a fixed speed power feed on a stand or a power feel with variable feed rate, also on a stand, both with motors. You can PM if interested or just want some owners experience with the W&H. Located...
  4. sawduster2

    off to the sawmill for the first time! Any advice?

    After sawing tomorrow your work has just begun. Perhaps you will get the lumber custom dried by someone and all you will have to do is deliver the lumber. If you are going to do part or all the drying you need to have a plan to dry the newly sawn lumber. Select a site that will get daily...
  5. sawduster2

    Attn: Turners! Excellent estate sale Aug 23 in Sandy Ridge NC

    To put a face to the tools: Dean Amos
  6. sawduster2

    Just asking.

    Over the past year I've listed several pieces of used equipment on the NCWW site with not so much as a single response, even if the ad stated "or best offer". My experience may be unrepresentative as I do live on the fringe of the membership base (Virginia) and perhaps my asking price was too...
  7. sawduster2

    Anybody have a reverse osmosis system?

    Re: some basic chemistry FYI - my late wife was very picky on drinking water and for years she would only drink bottled water. During our kitchen renovation 7 years ago I installed the GE RO system (3 filter) and she said the taste was better than bottled water. We never purchased bottled...
  8. sawduster2

    Sweet Gum

    It is a very challenging wood to dry flat. I used to sell lumber for a mill in Louisianan that cut and dried sweetgum. The white sappy boards were sold as sapgum and the red heartwood was sold as red gum. You can dry sweet gum flat if you put tons of weight on top of the pile (sticked lumber)...
  9. sawduster2

    Delta 33-890 RAS: What does this particular part do?

    I checked both of my Delta 33-890 and they both have the square "rod" in the handle. I can't see any purpose except to give you a better grip in lieu of your hand pulling on two sharp edges of the handle. The rod protrudes out just enough to provide some kind of grip. The rod is fixed with a...
  10. sawduster2

    Delta 33-890 RAS: What does this particular part do?

    I have the 2 of the same models at home. I'll check it when I get home tonight as I don't recall seeing such a lever on mine... Don
  11. sawduster2

    Need help with ID on wood

    My vote is for Rock Elm. Don
  12. sawduster2

    Good morning from Northern Virginia

    Chris - welcome to the group. Although I've lived in Virginia or NC most of my life, I did return to Virginia's Shenandoah Valley by way of Alexandria, LA, leaving one sawmill for another! I left Alex 1 month prior to Katrina hit your local. I still owned my home in Alex at the time but the...
  13. IMG_1319


    Performax 10-20 bed extensions
  14. Performax 10-20 sandpaper assortment

    Performax 10-20 sandpaper assortment

  15. sawduster2

    WCIF a portable miller in Eastern NC?

    The Woodmizer company in Indianapolis used to maintain a data base of their owners who indicated that they did custom sawing. You might contact them and find a custom on-site miller. I am not connected with them in any manner except my late father used to own a Woodmizer and did custom sawing...
  16. sawduster2

    How Much To Charge?

    +1 for Mark's comment. If I were to make custom cabinets for a friend the bonus they would get (if I thought they would appreciate it) is extra care in color & grain matching which would reduce my lumber yield somewhat but the project would possibly be appreciated long after he would have...
  17. sawduster2

    Hey from Chapel Hill

    Welcome to the forum. Some of my fondest memories as a youth were camping all around the US and Canada with my family and many of the years we had a simple pop up camper (the pop-up "part" was a canvas pull out tent). Don
  18. sawduster2

    lumber near roanoke va

    I sell for a hardwood mill in Buena Vista (45 miles North of Roanoke). We only offer retail sales on infrequent sale days but let me know if you are looking for KD 4/4 red and/or white oak or 4/4 - 12/4 poplar. I can often get some items pulled out while we are running truck load lots. Don
  19. sawduster2

    Wood Run - 4/4 red oak & white oak

    Re: Wood Run - 4/4 red oak & white oak SALE HAS ENDED Thanks for the interest in this Wood Run. I will be sharing a pick-up load with some NCW members and welcome their feedback. I have load the truck tonight so I have to end the sale for this trip.
  20. sawduster2

    Wood Run - 4/4 red oak & white oak

    Let me see if I can get another order by Tuesday evening, if so I'll be happy to run 40' down to Charlotte.

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