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  1. CrealBilly

    3-in-1 Crib plans

    Got another grand baby on the way. We (son and I) build this crib twice already but lost my plans due to hard drive crash. I want to think i purchased them originally from woodcraft. Does anyone know where is the best place to purchase downloadable plans? Thanks
  2. CrealBilly

    I'm such a Redneck

    I got this old 2'x2' chest freezer for free. I also have a temperature controller for it. I had been using it to cold crash my home brews & wines and also lager beer. But why not take it to the next level, a keezer. 3 5 gallons ball lock corny kegs fit perfectly in it. So I made a collar out of...
  3. CrealBilly

    Cool Old BW Pics

    I don't know much about this picture but that's got to be the longest portable wooden ladder I've ever seen. Men were men back then!
  4. CrealBilly

    Glass paint

    I found myself having a requirement to cover mirrored closet doors, due to my FIL advance stage of alzheimers. The other options were to remove the doors and replace with wooden doors. As per doctors orders, I had less than 1 days notice that I had to do something to the mirrors. I originally...
  5. CrealBilly


    What to do with sassafras? What else but make root beer, fermented with ginger root wild yeast
  6. CrealBilly

    Woodworking kind of quad alternators

    I wanted quad 250 amp alternators in my Chevy Silverado. All the quad alternator brackets I found we're cheaply made to expensive and didn't allow access to the power steering pump, so I decided to make my own. I picked up a power steering pump bracket for my 5.3 liter from the junk yard since...
  7. CrealBilly

    Back at it again finally

    Now that the economy has picked up after a good nine year lag. My son and I got all the sawmilling equipment running again. My son bought a 10' long 40" diameter sycamore butt log two years ago for $40.00. It sat over here by the sawmill off the ground "aging". We had to rip it in 1/2" with a...
  8. CrealBilly

    2018 Lumber Prices

    I went to the local Borg last night and about fell over when I seen the price of lumber. Example - regular old crappy SPF 2x4-8' $3.45 FYI... If you go to buy lumber make sure you bring a lubricant with you - your gonna need it.
  9. CrealBilly

    I Give Up!

    Display Attachments have been broken for a long time. Now I can't reply to any posts. Can you please remove me from the blackball list. Thanks
  10. CrealBilly

    What happened to the photo gallery?

    Attaching and displaying pics have been broken for some time now but I was really surprised when I went into the photo gallery and seen this.
  11. CrealBilly

    New Commission

    Book shelf - this one is 3' tall but customer wants it 7' tall and natural cherry instead of black. Looks like I'll need to get my "Goth" on for this commish. Rather morbid I must say...
  12. CrealBilly

    Audio - How to "tighten" up the Bass

    Since the factory deck went out in my truck - I've been doing a lot with it's bose sound system. I replaced the deck with a Kenwood 4x 50 watt plus 100 watt sub woofer output and added a 7 band equalizer. It still didn't sound the way I wanted it to - so I started replacing door speakers...
  13. CrealBilly

    Out of the sawdust pile...

    3 quick and easy cherry tables were born. Sawdust pile soon to be chicken bedding. 3 roughed out cherry tables. Extra fancy Ashley furniture style hard maple corner block leg joinery. -:lol My daughter asked for a living room table set (2 ends and a coffee) - so I came up with something...
  14. CrealBilly

    Old maple root

    Anyone interested in a old growth red maple root "ball"? If so make an offer via PM. Sure to be some wild grain in this one.
  15. CrealBilly

    Cherry Coffee & end tables

    I've got a cherry coffee & two end tables to build. I want to keep them simple... but with drawers. My hesitation is the width of the approns in relationship to the table itself. I dont want the table to be out of proportion. But if i'm going to build drawers i want them deep enough to be...
  16. CrealBilly

    Riven chest - what you need power tools for?
  17. CrealBilly

    China cabinet

    Low Grade 8/4, 5/4 & 3/4 silver maple live edge, M&T joinery. 50/50 Acetone / Gloss Oil Based Poly Finish.
  18. CrealBilly

    Mills custom sawing is changing names

    Since moving to Southern Illinois ive been slowly learning a new language. I guess it's Ozarks based... you all in NC say "Ya'll" around here they say "Yins". But Mills Custom Sawing is just to hard to pronounce and doesnt really jive with the local language. So I'm seriously considering...
  19. CrealBilly

    Hand hewn oak log cabin

    Low and behold this cabin built around 1810 is about 15 minutes drive from my house. It's located on a dead end road. I found it driving around in the country last weekend with my wife. The owner and his wife were at home and i stopped and talked to him. He had all the shutters / windows and...

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