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    Maple and re-purposed mahogany bed

    You really made that maple streak work well in the headboard. Looks great.
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    Shop furniture--chisel chest

    Another project from offcuts and shorts that have been taking up space. I have had chisels rattling around in drawers all over the shop and wanted to gather the ones I use regularly into one place. I have to keep the chisels under cover since I don't have climate control in the shop and a tool...
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    Cleaning saw blades

    It’s amazing what a difference a clean blade makes on quality of cut and in how long a blade stays sharp.
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    Craft Area Completed!

    That is way neat.
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    Suggestion on Hold Fasts

    Grammercy from Tools for Working Wood, although with a 4 inch thick top you might need to hit it pretty hard to set it. I use Grammercy but my top is only 2 1/2 inches—works in square dog holes as well as round 3/4” round ones.
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    Design and verify

    So would you hire this firm for your design project? Don’t think I would.
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    A Maple Bench

    Very nice. What kind of seat support did you use? Didn’t see that in the photos. Very nice looking piece.
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    Drill press mortise attachment

    That ought to solve your problem. Great buy.
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    Mary May free livestreaming

    Mary May is doing free livestream carving lessons while the corona crisis has classes and events cancelled. She does an hour every weekday at 1 pm. To get the livestream and the archived streams you go to or the App Store for your platform. Download the free app, sign up and search...
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    Wincester Plane Replacement Blades

    Just make sure your frog is adjusted correctly before filing the front of the mouth. A smooth plane can be handicapped by too wide a mouth. I have mostly Hock irons and have never had to file when the frog is correctly positioned.
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    Foot tool?

    Here’s a link to a video by Ed Hobbs about a foot powered lathe he restored. Some of you may know Ed from the M-WTCA meeting at his farm in the fall just outside Raleigh.
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    Greensboro Lunch Bunch CANCELLED

    I’d have to pass on it this month.
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    Blind dovetails for a case

    I’ve heard these called blind mitered dovetails to distinguish them from full blind dovetails which look like a rabbet joint from the outside. Both were used before it became fashionable to leave dovetails exposed.
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    2020 Raffle Prize - Amana Tool (more!)

    I won one of these last year and it is the best. Clean countersinks and a non marring positive adjustable stop.
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    Handworks 2020

    Looks like Handworks is putting on another event in Sept. The website is open for registration. Got the link from Lost Art Press blog
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    Greensboro Lunch This Tuesday

    Plan to be there.
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    Spring joint video

    This is one of the clearest explanations of the spring joint I’ve seen. I have used spring joints on every panel I’ve glued up for years. Well worth the little extra trouble. Just make sure when you open the two panels for glueing you do it book-fashion. That’s what the triangle mark is for...
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    Marking Gauge

    I use the Lee valley wheel gauges. They are good quality and replacement parts are easy to get. I have one of their micro adjustable ones but 90% of the time I use the standard ones. Only one drawback-the lock knobs are too small for old hands and they allow the gauges to roll off the bench...
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    Greensboro Lunch - Tuesday

    Plan to be there —on way to Gibsonville to look for some lumber.
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    Greensboro Lunch Bunch - Tuesday

    Plan to be there

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