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  1. Ken Massingale

    Slick clamp handles

    I'm having a heck of a time using hand screw clamps on my current project. The handles are very smooth and as my hands sweat they slip on the handle. What do you folks use to add some friction? Thanks Ken
  2. Ken Massingale

    Freud SD208 Puzzle

    Several years ago I was gifted the SD208 dado set. I already had an inexpensive set, and I normally use the router table for dados and grooves, so I hadn't opened the SD208 until yesterday. I have some confusion about the chippers I have with the set. The Freud site shows the chippers included...
  3. Ken Massingale

    Needing Some CNC Work

    A good friend would like to embed South Carolina quarters in his new 1911 pistol grips. These are his new grips: Here is another set with quarters embedded: Anyone interested in this job please let me know. Thanks much Ken
  4. Ken Massingale

    Animated Gif Avatars

    Any chance of making static Avatars mandatory? Animated gifs are distracting, consume resources and are 'tacky'.
  5. Ken Massingale

    DeWalt Tracksaw Track Clamps

    Would any of you folks happen to have the DW track saw track clamps? I would appreciate knowing the width and thickness of the clamp section that fits in the track groove. I have received the Scheppach tracksaw from Sears but they do not sell the accessory kit with the clamps. Grizzly will have...
  6. Ken Massingale

    Sheppach (Grizzly) Track Saw At Sears

    On sale for $218 with 2 25" tracks, and free shipping. I just spoke with Grizzly and they don't expect to have them until March. Yep, I ordered from Sears, we'll see how it goes. Ken
  7. Ken Massingale

    I Need An Incra Ultra System Carriage

    I have had the Ultra System (Ultra24SYS not the Lite) and love it. But, I bought the 24" (actually is 32") and for my needs currently it is too darn long. I cannot find a 16" carriage from Incra, Woodpeck or EBay. If anyone here has the 16" and would like the 24" I will trade, or buy yours. Mine...
  8. Ken Massingale

    1939 Sears Scrollsaw NIB $150

    Not mine, just passing on the CL ad. 15" JIG SAW SOLD BY SEARS AND ROEBUCK IN 1939 - $150 (ANDERSON,SC) Date: 2011-09-12, 3:52PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] I have for sale a 15" jig saw sold by Sears and Roebuck in 1939. Model number...
  9. Ken Massingale

    Dewalt Powershop??

    Local CL's ad for a Dewalt Powershop RAS. What's with the Powershop? May this be O.K. even with some refrub? Dewalt Radial Saw - $100 (Upstate) Date: 2011-06-25, 2:55PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Powershop 300 mm, 12" blade...
  10. Ken Massingale

    Delta RAS Question

    Is this a good Delta RAS? Thanks RADIAL ARM SAW - $250 (Easley, S.C.) Date: 2011-05-28, 5:27PM EDT Reply to: see below [Errors when replying to ads?] This is a Delta Model 10 Deluxe radial arm saw with auto brake. It has a 1 1/2 hp...
  11. Ken Massingale

    Self Drilling/Tapping Screws Dilemma

    We just had a metal shelter built for the Kubota and stuff. The frame is 12 guage galvanized steel. The erectors, Carolina Carports (great folks and products), used self drilling screws to assemble the frame, roof etc. They left several dozen for me, and I used several to install some shelf...
  12. Ken Massingale

    Interesting Tablesaw Vintage Table Saw - $350 (Travelers Rest) Date: 2011-03-31, 2:40PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Vintage Craftsman/ Sears Roebuck Table Saw. Has two fences. 3/4 horsepower motor...
  13. Ken Massingale

    Kreg K4 Master System Deal

    Woodcraft has this Kreg on sale this weekend for $118. Lowes has it for their normal price of $139. I needed something better than the little pocket jig I have for a cabinet project, and didn't want the 80 mile round trip to WC. I added the Kreg to the Woodcraft cart and printed the page and...
  14. Ken Massingale

    CPSC To Address Tablesaw Safety

    From USA Today:
  15. Ken Massingale

    Best CL Ad I've Seen

  16. Ken Massingale

    Nice Woodworking Android App

    :icon_thum I've found AmbiCalc in the Android Market. It's around $4 and change, depending on the conversion rate (it's a British app). It does the usual metric/decimal conversions and has need features like a router template offset calculator, diagonal calcs, input a cabinet size and it makes a...
  17. Ken Massingale

    Henley Work Shirts $10 At Northern

    Marked down from $70 to $10, great work shirts.
  18. Ken Massingale

    Delta Coming To Anderson S.C.

    Well, Stanley sells Delta to TOTY and they are moving to Anderson. Interestingly, I saw a mention of this on the local noon news Friday and mentioned it to a Delta support tech I was speaking to later that afternoon. He was floored to say the least, completely surprised. Another local article...
  19. Ken Massingale

    Ouch!!! First Tablesaw Incident

    Yep, I finally paid for not using a blade guard. :wmad: I was ripping Red Oak Monday afternoon with the fence set to 3 1/2" from the blade and blade set 1" high. I finished a rip and the narrow cutoff started hitting the blade, so I hit the Stop button to remove it from the left side of the...
  20. Ken Massingale

    Work Sharp 3000 $62.25 at Home Depot Again

    I thought a new thread would help. HD is now accepting Backorders on the Work Sharp units.

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