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  1. Bear Republic

    Is a Byrd Shellix cutterhead worth the money?

    Looking at a DeWalt planer DW735 with Byrd Shellix cutterhead. What about it makes it worth the investment? Thanks for your opinions.
  2. Bear Republic

    Deal or No Deal on Bowl Lathe?

    Wood Bowl Lathe came across this posting on CL. Seems like a good deal to be able to turn bowls and the such. Opinions greatly appreciated. I'm in the market for a lathe and i think I'll be don't mostly bowls and small projects. I like the idea of being able to turn larger things in the...
  3. Bear Republic

    Izzy Swan's Klingspor Adventure

    I was catching up on my YouTube videos and saw a new one from Izzy Swan. He's opening a new shop called Maker's Playground. Guess who helped him set up the Shop??? Our local celebrity Coleman. Great video! Izzy's reaction to...
  4. Bear Republic

    Coming Soon: Laguna Revo 1216

    Jay of Jay's Custom Creations is showing off the new Laguna Revo 1216. It is supposed to be released at the end of the year and was shown off at the IWF in Atlanta this year. He makes a 15" Candy Dish out of Babinga. The new lathe looks like it has some great potential for a smaller...
  5. Bear Republic

    Woodshop for sale in Wake Forest on CL

    Guy in Wake Forest is selling of his equipment.Tablesaw, jointer, scrollsaw, dustcollector, air cleaner, bandsaw. They were posted about 3:00 today. mix of brands.
  6. Bear Republic

    New Youtube series from Kats-Moses - Joint of the Week

    If you have not checked out Katz-Moses Youtube channel go take a peek. He shares some great skills. He just started a new series Joint of the Week. His first is the Castle joint. Very good explanation and example.
  7. Bear Republic

    New contest!

    I'd like to celebrate my hitting 500 posts with a little fun. To participate all you have to do is leave a reply with a tip or something you find useful dealing with woodworking. Since I just received the goodwill lathe I'd like lathe tips, but it can be anything you feel is worth sharing...
  8. Bear Republic

    Tool Rehoming

    Found a couple of tools from Craigslist that needed a new home. Lucky I they both had ridiculously low adoption fees. Running around the shop are a well used workhorse (Delta Sanding Station model 31-280 6" belt/ 12" disk) and a spring chicken(Craftsman Scrollsaw and custom stand). Nred to...
  9. Bear Republic

    Evolution of Jointery

    In my recent travels of the web, I have noticed a change, at least I think, in the types of joints people are using. I can see how pocket holes have overtaken mortise and tenons. They are a lot quicker, but I feel "traditional" woodworkers probably sticking with M&T joints. I see less use...
  10. Bear Republic

    Mini lathe and gadgets galore $525

    Found this on CL, he's got a small lathe, cabinet jigs, nailguns, router, lots of Rockler gear. Selling as a whole at the moment, for all he has it would be a great starter bundle for someone. Measuring guides, circle guide, clamps...
  11. Bear Republic

    Big Thank You to all that made the picnic possible

    Thank you to all that put on the picnic. It was a lot if work with the good food and raffle. My first one was a rainy one, but great none the less. It's good to meet everyone. Big welcome to our special guest Coleman, and thank you for your continued support of our group!
  12. Bear Republic

    Wonderful Segmented Workshop today with Charley

    Charlie put on a very informative workshop today! We had a great tour of his shop and the various jigs, tips, and gadgets. We were treated to some nice snacks and lunch. He shared lots of great info, insights, and tips. He was very generous with his time and experience! Well worth the...
  13. Bear Republic

    GoodWill Lathe - Anyone interested?

    Bowman has had the Goodwill lathe, and doing some great work!, I am supposed to get it next. I've had some family medical issues arise, again unfortunately, and I will not be able to dedicate the time to making good use of it. I'll like to let anyone who has interest cut in front of me...
  14. Bear Republic

    Time to Play What Wood is it- Two for one Edition

    I was able to save and hopefully repurposed some wood from a business change over. They had the first one as countertops and the second as some shelves/bartop. Have a couple longs runs of this These have a finish but didn't affect the color much, both look to be from the same tree.
  15. Bear Republic

    CL - Grizzly Bandsaw 14" in Fuquay Varina

    Older model but looks well kept. If I had an extra $300 and the space I'd bite...
  16. Bear Republic

    Black Walnut - cut and haul -CL -Elfland

    Its a bit far for me but looks like a good opportunity. Downed walnut tree free to cut what you want. Some black walnut, great for firewood and small woodworking. Also HUG bradford pear. Bring chainsaw and...
  17. Bear Republic

    Gravity Roller Conveyor - Light Duty Aluminum Frame - CL

    I picked up a couple of sections to make in and out feeds for my planer and thinking about what else. I can get the rest of it cheap($2 or less/ft) if anyone else is interested, I can get it and disperse locally as requested. Its in Fuquay and I'm over in Garner and work downtown Raleigh...
  18. Bear Republic

    Hello All!

    Recently found the site and looking to gather some great info and share ideas. I'm a transplant from California, been here almost 20 yrs, so this is home now. I've always enjoyed working with wood since shop class in HS. I've done things here and there from handy things around the house to a...

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