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    Need help enlarging a picture.

    Here’s the finished product. Took me 3 days - probably about 20 hours. Used thick (3/32”) walnut veneer pieces inlayed into a piece of maple plywood. Lots and lots of precision routing. Next, I will make a 2” wide walnut frame. Thank you to Dave and Mike for all your help. Dave scaled the...
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    High grade maple or birch plywood needed

    Wanted: A piece of Cabinet grade, Birch or maple plywood with some figure. Curly preferred, but Birdseye maple or some other figure. Has to be at least 33” square. Thickness is not an issue. can anyone out there help? Thanks for looking. Matt...
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    Am I the only one who does this ?

    I hope you are Removing the cap from the can before you put that blowtorch on it!
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    Wood / tree identification

    Yes, I used bar top epoxy. Not sure what to do with it. My initial thought was to make a table for a plant. But the finish turned out so nice and the piece is so interesting, I cannot have a plant hiding it. Any ideas? I just might hang it on my workshop wall and admire it from time to time...
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    Wood / tree identification

    Here is a pic of the bark...
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    Wood / tree identification

    I’m fairly good at identifying Long grain woods, But I’m not sure about this end grain piece. Maybe Red Oak would be my best guess, but just a guess. I would suspect you sawyers might have a more accurate description. Anyway, it turned out pretty nice, and I was surprised by the rays emitting...
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    Need help enlarging a picture.

    Hi Folks, I know there are a bunch of widely talented people out there and I was hoping someone can help. I want to make this stylized nautilus in wood (curly maple, and walnut) for my daughters Florida home. Problem is, I dont know how to accurately enlarge it. The nautilus needs to be 28”...
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    Another chessboard

    One question: What is wood “dorking?”
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    Bandsaw drift

    I do not center the blade on the wheel. I have gotten better results by centering the TEETH on the top wheel.
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    Joiner or Domino

    I have a domino, and it is a great tool, especially for making chairs. The domino makes short work of all those mortises and tenons, and is probably near as strong. I have made many chairs and none of the joints have failed over many years. If you are intending to use the domino for edge gluing...
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    Favorite (and Unfavorite) Brand Saw Blades

    I have only praise for Spectrum. Their blades are priced right, and they are consistant. What I mean by consistant is: I use a lot of blades by sawing very hard exotic woods, and lots of cuts, both long grain and cross grain cuts. The blades dull over time and have to be replaced. I order ten at...
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    Favorite (and Unfavorite) Brand Saw Blades

    Great responses here. Lots of good info. I agree with using a rip blade to rip and a crosscut blade for cross cuts; however, I usually leave a good combo blade on my saw for most routine cuts. But it is pretty easy to change the blade on my SawStop pro, and I do so frequently when sawing choice...
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    Cleaning saw blades

    I believe it’s an old wives tale that oven cleaner deteriorates the brazing. Somewhere I read where a lab used a micro scale to measure the weight of the brazing before and after the oven cleaner soaking, and there was no weight loss. In my experience, I have been using this for about 20 years...
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    Cleaning saw blades

    Oven cleaner. Put it on the blade and let it set for about 1 or 2 minutes, then rinse with hot water. I do this with router bits too. It they are really cruddy, a bit of brushing will do the trick. Works every time, and contrary to popular belief, it will not damage the steel if you rinse within...
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    inlay question

    Please go to my website: Scroll to the bottom of the main page and you will find some videos there that may help. Call me if you have questions. Inlays are my business! My phone number is on the website under ”contact.” Matt...
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    Sick of breaking screws

    Your boxes are awesome! Just excellent work. You might try some inlay bandings. Check out There’s some more box ideas out there too. I keep a tube of lip balm in my shop to dip screws in. Same as wax, but tidy. Matt...
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    Celtic knot

    I love it.. I don’t turn, but that’s cool....
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    Cool Maple and Cedar Live-edge Small Outdoor Table

    Just finished. A fun way to spend Corona lockdown time. Base is cedar. Top is Ambrosia/spalted silver maple. Finished the base with polyurethane. The top was obviously done using bar-top epoxy. Hoping this will hold up well outside, but under cover, and taken inside when the weather is bad.
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    Spline Material Question

    I’ll even thickness sand it to the width of your kerf....
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    Spline Material Question

    I agree with Bas - it would look better with some contrast. For the small amount of wood you need for splines the cost would be negligible. In fact, if you PM me with your address, I will mail you a few walnut pieces. Matt...

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