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  1. Jay Brewer

    Finally got to do my own kitchen

    Hi everyone, I finally got around to remodeling my kitchen. I started building the cabinets the first week of July. We gutted the kitchen back to the studs. I hired out the Electrical, plumbing, drywall and painting. I did everything else (I forgot how much I hated tile work). The cabinets are...
  2. Jay Brewer

    Family Room Remodel

    Hi everyone, I finally finished the family room remodel. The carpet went down 2 weeks before Christmas. The wife was happy to get the tree up. The most challenging part was building the folding shutters. Its a fairly large, 5 section bow window. I racked my brain for a while trying to come up...
  3. Jay Brewer

    Any interest in a WS shop Crawl?

    Hi everyone, I have been thinking of hosting a shop crawl for a while now, meet some local woodworkers. Just seeing if there is any interest. I build custom cabinets part time and my shop is in the basement of my house ( it is a walkout basement) I'm not sure what to do during the crawl...
  4. Jay Brewer


    Hi everyone. I havent been around for a while. With the birth of my daughter, I just dont have the desire to come home from work and build cabinets till midnight and all weekend long. I think the answer is to downsize and only take the projects that I want. The next problem is I have way to...
  5. Jay Brewer

    Custom kitchen w/Pics

    Hello everyone, after posting my shop tour, a few folks asked to see my work. This Kitchen was completed fall of last year. I enjoyed this one because it was for the homeowner that knew exactly what she wanted. The boxes were built from pre finished maple ply and the outside is all alder. If...
  6. Jay Brewer

    Shop Tour LONG

    Hi Everyone. I want to thank everyone for the warm welcome. I finally got the new cyclone hooked up and the shop clean again. Thought I would give a tour. My shop is in the full basement of my house. Hasent been a car parked in there in a while :-) Looking in from the left side garage door...
  7. Jay Brewer

    Hello from WS

    Hi everyone. I have lurked here for a while. Seems like a great site with a lot of good information, glad I found it I have lived in Winston Salem all my life ( 33 years.) My fondest memories are being in the basement with my grandfather building things. He pasted away when I was 10 and I have...

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