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    That is correct.
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    WANTED: Fiber/Cardboard drum for collecting sawdust waste

    I think I got mine from here - free shipping but I don't remember paying over $50 for a 30 gallon drum. Now $65. I saw Northern Tools had them listed - might use one of their coupons.
  4. KenOfCary

    Virtual Picnic - May16 4PM Sign up here

    Count me in - I'll have the winners tallied by then.
  5. KenOfCary

    ISO Laminate

    When I lived in Cary I got some at one HD but others didn't carry it. Might need to call around if Richard doesn't have any.
  6. KenOfCary

    Community THANK YOU Project - Task list added

    BTW, I just sent Steve Good an email pointing him to this forum thread and asked if he had any angel patterns that he could share. We'll see what comes of that. Maybe nothing, but Steve is a real nice guy, I met him at the last Extravaganza in Hickory.
  7. KenOfCary

    Another chessboard

    Very nice - thanks for sharing and for sharing your process. Are you using ply for your substrate?
  8. KenOfCary

    Community THANK YOU Project - Task list added

    Help out a scroll saw newbie and provide your blade sources please.
  9. KenOfCary

    5 years later

    Welcome Pappy. Glad you could join us. I moved from the garage to the basement in the new house, but have more room. I like having the shop close at hand rather than in an outbuilding but there are advantages/disadvantages to both.
  10. KenOfCary

    Lubing the Lawn Mower

    I have the same mower or at least very similar. The problem I'm having now is the steering mechanism is very stiff and even squeaks when turning. I've lubed everything that I can get to but it seems there is some linkage somewhere that I can't get to. Guess I'm going to have to take it into a...
  11. KenOfCary

    Cherry Headboard

    Very nice piece. The finish came out great - it will only get better with time.
  12. KenOfCary

    Where can I buy 1/4 and 1/2 inch wood?

    Just bought 6 pieces 10-11" wide by 1/4" thick from Richard's. Cherry, Walnut and Sycamore. Shipping was very reasonable. Will let you know how it turns out. I have a couple of scroll saw projects to do myself.
  13. KenOfCary

    Golden Mallet Voting for 2020

    This award is given to the person that best exemplifies the spirit of NCWW. Nominees this year are Roberta Moreton (Berta) and Richard Moore (Graywolf) Please select one. Voting will end about this time of day on May 15th.
  14. KenOfCary

    Bird feeder design needed

    Around here bird feeders attract Black Bears so we stick with humming bird and thistle feeders. Although I've seen a picture of a bear at a humming bird feeder once.
  15. KenOfCary

    Shipping a piece of furniture help/advice

    I've had mixed results with UPS. The only advice I can give is if you use them, make sure that they are the ones that package it for you. If something does happen the UPS Store will be invaluable when filing a claim - as long as they were the ones that packaged it. And pay for insurance.
  16. KenOfCary

    Entry Level Wood Lathe

    There are a number of ways to save money on the process. The Rikon lathes that Klingspor sells are terrific and come in several sizes. Grizzly makes some nice ones as well. Contact Hank (HMerkle) here and ask about the Goodwill Lathe. It is not only a lathe but all the tools, chucks, and...
  17. KenOfCary

    Chester County spice box

    Very impressive - a lot of time and detail went into that piece.
  18. KenOfCary

    Need some help, please

    The board meets in person about once a quarter or when things really need to be discussed. We try to meet somewhere central to our current members so nobody has to drive too far. We do a lot of our discussion and decide things in a private BoD only forum here on the site and also by email. It...
  19. KenOfCary

    Cool Maple and Cedar Live-edge Small Outdoor Table

    What? No inlay banding? Seriously though, Very cool looking!
  20. KenOfCary

    Golden Mallet Nominations

    Here are the rules - thanks Hank - I copied this from your post - can someone remind me who the 2019 winner was. Edit: added 2019 winner to list. Thanks Phil. Golden Mallet The Golden Mallet award is presented to the person that in the opinion of the membership "Most represents the goals and...

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