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  1. sawduster2

    Wide KD Red Oak

    I have a banded pack of 57 boards of 12.0" and wider Appalachian red oak (Virginia Blue Ridge Mountain timber basin). The boards are 7 & 8' in length and are actually a higher grade than standard FAS/1F lumber at these board were graded against a specification that required a minimum 6.5' of...
  2. sawduster2

    Wood Run - 4/4 red oak & white oak

    I am driving from Virginia to Orlando, FL on Oct. 7 and plan to haul 200 - 400 bd. ft. of lumber all or part way to help pay for my gas. I have some excellent kiln dried (6 -8% MC) 4/4 select red oak ($2.50/bd.ft.) & white oak ($2.85) in 4 - 5' lengths that I can deliver to points along the way...
  3. sawduster2

    New to Group

    Recently joined group and look forward communicating with some regional woodworkers. I currently reside in Lexington, Virginia but have North Carolina roots - my wife is from Perquimans County and I have previous addresses in Vance, Gates, Perquimans & Harnett Counties in NC. I am a forester &...

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