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    Need input on closet design

    About a year ago the wife and I talked about upgrading the closet, and after looking at designs and prices I made that comment “I should be able to build this for a lot less”. Well, when recently talking about starting another project, I got the “Where are those closet cabinets that you are...
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    Refrigerator temperature issue

    I picked up a garage fridge for cheap this past weekend. It seems the temperature control is a little off, and I am wondering (hoping) if it is an easy fix. the contol goes from 0 (off) to 9 (coldest). Basically it seems that from 1 - 8.75, the temperature hovers from the low 40s to maybe...
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    Kreg Rip-Cut and Square Cut Saw Guides $30 SOLD

    I bought these a few years ago and then bought a Track saw. I don’t think either has been used. Not in packaging, but like new.
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    Extend-A-TrucK Truck Bed Extender. $40 - SOLD

    Should be like the one on the link, Great for carrying extra long items in the bed or balancing items on top of the cab. I no longer have a truck and no longer need this.
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    Grizzly Track saw with case and tracks. $150. - SOLD

    I have a Grizzly Track saw in a Dewalt Tough System case. The case has a foam insert that has been cut to hold the saw (similar to a systainer). I have two Scheppach 25” rails and a Grizzly 55” rail. I have a set of the Grizzly track clamps as well. I also have a Scheppach track saw that is...
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    Delta 50-840 Dust Collector with trash can separator. $125. SOLD

    I need to clear some floor space in my small shop. I have a Delta 50-840 Dust Collector. I will include the trash can and separator shown below as well as the two hoses. Available for pickup in Cary.
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    Compact Dust Collection: Festool, Fein, or Other

    I currently have a Delta dust collector connected to a trash can separator as well as a Shop Vac connected to a dust deputy. These two items are taking up precious shop space, and I am thinking of getting rid of both and replacing with a better compact collector. I have a Festool Track Saw and...
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    Closet design sources

    The wife is wanting some home upgrades. While I will let the pros handle the bathroom remodel, I think I can create some custom closet solutions. Just in the initial planning now, but have a couple of questions to get me started. 1. Is their a closet design book anyone would recommend? I...
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    Looking for custom built in cabinets / book sheelves

    I have friends who are having a new place built in Raleigh and when they asked about built-ins for a study, what they were shown looked like shelves from IKEA which was not the look they wanted. The rest of the home will be very nice and they want the study to match. I am sure there are folks...
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    Need some help making heavy duty cuts

    I have an on-going project where I made several thick tops for flip top tool stands. Two turned out fine, but two turned are out of square, and my saws (Ryobi bt300 table saw and Grizzly track saw) are not robust enough to make a good straight cut to square things up. I have tried and seem to...
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    Has anyone purchased Liogier Rasps recently?

    Just wondering about the turn around time for any recent orders. My wife ordered me some rasps for Christmas and they still have not made it and there has been no follow up to inquiries. I know this is a small family run business and I am willing to wait a reasonable amount of time, but my wife...
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    Porter Cable Plunge Base Question

    I hit the bid button too quick on a porter cable plunge router in excellent condition. It turns out the excellent condition plunge base is missing several parts and is currently locked in place so it won't plunge. My options appear to be order individual parts and try to get it back in working...
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    Need Help with Perfromax 16-32 conveyor motor

    Last year I got a used performax 16-32 and have used it a couple of times with no issues. Today I was using it to even up some wood that I had cut for edge banding and the conveyor stopped working. Not sure if I was trying t take too much of a bite. In the past I have had it stop on me and I...
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    Any Domino users?

    I am thinking about getting a Festool Domino and hope I can get a few answers. I am watching some deals on Ebay and if the savings is enough, I may go that route. If the savings is not significant, I will probably go the new route. But I am having trouble comparing based on the accessories...
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    Does the Dust Deputy meet all your needs

    I think that I have too much stuff taking up space in my workshop. One item that I am looking at and thinking that I can get rid of is my dust collector which is hooked up to a trash can separator. I also have a dust deputy hooked up to a shop vac. What I have been doing is using the larger...
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    Bunk bed Ladder Hooks

    We recently acquired a bunk bed, and I am looking to improve the ladder. This is a Twin over Queen bunk, so the ladder is at an angle to the bed. It was connected with screws, but I think adding hooks would be an improvement. I have found these bench hooks through Rockler...
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    Grizzly / Festool Track connector Issue

    I have the Scheppach Track Saw with the Grizzly 55 inch rail and accessory pack with a rail connector. In one of the reviews that compared the Scheppach with the Festool, I recall seeing that the Scheppach rails and Festool rails could be connected (however the track the saw rides on do not...
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    Scheppach Track saw: Used for the first time - want feedback from other users

    I used my track saw purchased from Woot for the first time today. I was very happy with the dust collection and rip cuts in plywood were very clean. Crosscuts were an issue. There was a previous thread that touched on replacement blades that has been closed. I am curious to see if other...
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    Looking to incorporate flip-top tool stand into workbench

    As the title states, I am looking to get started on a "power tool" workbench and would like to tie together 2 or 3 flip top tool carts so that I could have a flat workbench when all three tool tops are in the down position. Or I could flip up one tool at a time to use a tool such as a planer or...
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    Free Woodworking Magazines

    I need to clear out some large stacks of woodworking magazines: Fine Woodworking, Wood, Woodcraft, Shop Notes. If someone wants to save these from the recycle bin, please let me know. I am in Cary. I may need a week or so to get everything together and pick out the few that I want to keep...

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