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  1. Lhloy

    Custom flush/trimming plane on ebay !

    What a deal, looks like 1/4th off!
  2. Lhloy

    Edge Pro Sharpening System

    I have and use the Edge Pro Apex model. I made a sub-plate for the base top from aluminum and inletted rare earth magnets to serve as a blade clamp, which I have had good success with. Without the blade clamp, you have to do a two-handed "track the belly curve" of the knife while holding it...
  3. Lhloy

    Black Walnut Floating Top End Table

    That's some fine wordworking. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Lhloy


    Continued healing and recovery! Might as well stay home and recover as to go out an chance exposing yourself to the coronavirus. God Bless.
  5. Lhloy

    Chaos or shoulda' had a SawStop

    thanks for sharing......perhaps your story will save me someday!
  6. Lhloy


    Best wishes and God bless.
  7. Lhloy

    Living With Arthritis in the Hands

    For me, pushing 70, I've found topical Penetrex cream and the arthritis spandex gloves (tight fitting) with the fingers cut out to be helpful for the osteoarthritis in my hands. Occasionally aleve when extra bad, but I don't like oral meds. When really hurting, I naturally back off the stress...
  8. Lhloy

    Woodworking vice

    ha ha, you're right! I keep trying to remember the "S" in vise means 'squeeze' - Thanks
  9. Lhloy

    Woodworking vice

    Just now there is an old Desmond woodworking vice for a very reasonable price on Raleigh CL 'Tools for Sale'. This vice would be well worth restoring to a trophy condition. Good luck.
  10. Lhloy

    Sharpening lube

    Oops! You're right... I meant mineral oil.
  11. Lhloy

    Sharpening lube

    I use DMT 'stones' and have tried many lubricants over the years. Almost anything is better than dry, for my personal preference. But I have settled on 50-50 baby oil and mineral spirits. This gives me the viscosity I want. The baby oil is mineral spirits (with fragrance), very cheap from...
  12. Lhloy

    Making a Scraper

    The way I interpret the Amazon ad is you only get 1 scraper. They sell the other 2 configurations separately.
  13. Lhloy

    CAD Software of Choice

    plus one for SolidWorks. The parametric modeling concept is an awesomely powerful tool. Unfortunately, SW only becomes easy to use with a lot of practice, but I for one consider well worth it. Looking back on Sketchup and 2-D packages like AutoCad, I am now hooked on SW.
  14. Lhloy

    New Member from Acworth, Georgia

    Hello Bob, welcome, and kudos for your service. Just a bit of trivia ... I lived in Cartersville, Ga for 9 years before I moved to the triangle, so I know a bit about Acworth. Love those north Ga mountains. But that was a long time ago. Happy sawdust.
  15. Lhloy

    Rockwell Jawhorse on sale

    I have a Jawhorse that I use a lot, a lot more than I thought I would when I bought it, and I can highly recommend it
  16. Lhloy

    Remember to *SMILE*

    Thank you Wayne, that worked!
  17. Lhloy

    Remember to *SMILE*

    OK, I must be doing something wrong. I get the message "Your search " NCWW " did not match any eligible organizations" when I try to input this into the AMAZON SMILE search field for my charity. Any ideas?
  18. Lhloy

    face shield recommendation

    I have both the plastic (I think it's polycarbonate) and the mesh face shields and I like the mesh much better, no fogging. However, the vision is not quite as clear but this has never been a problem. I have never been smacked in the face wearing either one, so I don't know if there is any...

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