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  1. CrealBilly

    Tutorial. You asked for it.

    Over here we call him Uncle Fred or Fast Freddie :) Here's to you unc, a nice Sazzy German Pils
  2. CrealBilly

    Granite lab table - $125 (castle hayne)

    Yep me too, but not sure why... It does look lonely and kind of crying out for help, isn't it?
  3. CrealBilly

    Filling large knot holes and voids

    I like to use thin CA to "stabilize" the knot, it wicks into the smallest crack, even the ones you can't see. Then a little fine sawdust from the sander, followed by more thin CA glue. Then fill it with thick CA or quick dry 2 part clear epoxy. Once dry sand flush. Bas and others have some good...
  4. CrealBilly

    Covid19 front line workers

    Thanks Heros
  5. CrealBilly

    Sick of breaking screws

    Yep... Pop, goes the weasel. Menards sell construction screws that are shaped like drywall screws but they don't snap like drywall screws.
  6. CrealBilly

    Sick of breaking screws

    Nice... Thanks but I always thought it was China screw break like dry twig in wind storm. Nails are just as worse though.
  7. CrealBilly

    Corona Virus John Hopkins Abstract Fact sheet Tears
  8. CrealBilly

    Bathroom remodel

    Beautiful work there Uncle Fred. I hate to state the obvious, but there's no sink.
  9. CrealBilly

    How many slivers do you have currently?

    ^^^ Super Human Extreme Tolerance to Pain ^^^
  10. CrealBilly

    How many slivers do you have currently?

    Just 2 why you ask? You want mine?
  11. CrealBilly

    3-in-1 Crib plans

    OK I'll bite... @JimD What's a platform bed? I seen rope beds and beds that don't need a box spring. I sleep on a converted California king waterbed that has a regular mattress, instead of a water mattress. The regular mattress is over top of a plywood "platform", that would normally support the...
  12. CrealBilly

    3-in-1 Crib plans

    Only 5 more weeks and New Granddaughter :)
  13. CrealBilly

    3-in-1 Crib plans

    That they are... But they make for a clean looking connection. I suppose you could counter sink lag bolts and use button plugs also but that seems to be just as much work as the barrel bolts and would look much uglier.
  14. CrealBilly

    3-in-1 Crib plans

    I have all the pieces cut for the toddler bed conversion. The full bed conversion is simpler, just two 6" wide long boards, a ledge and a few slats. I already have the holes drilled in the posts for both the crib/toddler bed 52 7/8" on center and the full bed 54 7/8" on center. The M6 100mm...
  15. CrealBilly

    The American Chestnut

    Thanks Raymond. Only one time I've sawed american chestnut and it was to resaw just a few barn timbers, it reminded me of oak.
  16. CrealBilly

    3-in-1 Crib plans

    Ha.. I removed the spring frame for finishing.
  17. CrealBilly

    3-in-1 Crib plans

    Heck yeah on the new granddaughter, can't wait :)
  18. CrealBilly

    3-in-1 Crib plans

    Here's my take on the 3 in 1 plans in sawmill white ash and cherry, mineral oil and bees wax finish. Its soild and heavy, I told my daughter and son in law, if a tornado, flip over the crib and get inside :) BTW Products America went out of business. Lucky I'm re-using the spring frame from a...
  19. CrealBilly

    Miscellaneous stuff 4 sale

    Fred your selling my vise. That vise and I were like best friends :(
  20. CrealBilly

    I'm such a Redneck

    I decided the keezer needed a stainless back splash for the drip tray. I only needed a 12" x 14" piece of something thin. But drove out of the local scrap yard with a piece of 4' x 16" 1/8" thick formed stainless countertop. After a lot of sawing & sanding - I managed to get a good piece out of...

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