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  1. Bear Republic

    New Style Unisaw

    When I step on the bathroom scale I don't trust it either!
  2. Bear Republic

    DeWalt DW735 Planer - $200 (Louisburg)

    It sold almost as fast.... It was a year old supermax 16/32 for $800
  3. Bear Republic

    More Changes to Klingspor's Woodworking Shop Hours - Sort of!

    Great news Coleman! First steps back to normalcy.
  4. Bear Republic

    DeWalt DW735 Planer - $200 (Louisburg)

    Would have jumped on it last night when I saw it if I didnt just buy one. They have a drum sander that I'm looking at though. :)
  5. Bear Republic

    Not a Saw Stop

    Glad the damage was minimal and your attitude is good for the mistake. Heal fast.
  6. Bear Republic

    Making the perfect wine barrel

    Here's another approach.... Making a barrel (not in English)
  7. Bear Republic

    Custom Saw Milling

    Glad to see your expanding since you did the turning class. Are you just sawing for others or are you offering some lumber for sale?
  8. Bear Republic

    Tutorial. You asked for it.

    Great job, it's pretty clear instructions. It's similar to the multiple steps of cutting boards.
  9. Bear Republic

    A bit of history

    Very cool history, nice to see things from before the Information Age. They were so much simpler then without access to Google.
  10. Bear Republic

    It's 2 pieces

    It's two beautiful pieces, that might work but be careful not to go really dark.
  11. Bear Republic

    Wasting Curly Maple

    It would be less evil to buy some plain Maple to paint...... :cool:. That wood is beautiful
  12. Bear Republic

    Is a Byrd Shellix cutterhead worth the money?

    It was in fantastic shape just got the new car smell to fade away..... Just had to open the truck for door and it jumped right in. Good to go.
  13. Bear Republic

    Is a Byrd Shellix cutterhead worth the money?

    Looking at it tomorrow and the asking price is $800
  14. Bear Republic

    Is a Byrd Shellix cutterhead worth the money?

    First off, thank you all for the experience and advice. I'm looking at a used one on CL. I don't mind investing in the equipment that I will keep forever like Charlie. It's on my to buy list along with a drum sander and a few other big investment machines. I didn't need much of a push...
  15. Bear Republic

    Is a Byrd Shellix cutterhead worth the money?

    Looking at a DeWalt planer DW735 with Byrd Shellix cutterhead. What about it makes it worth the investment? Thanks for your opinions.
  16. Bear Republic

    Here's another "Better late than ever" intro

    Welcome to the neighbourhood! Lots of great people and info here to keep you busy. You'll find help and info about just about anything wood related and then some. enjoy the winters here too, I'm from CA so it's nice to have 4 seasons, but I spent couple yrs in MN as a kid, don't miss the -20+...
  17. Bear Republic

    Where does you favorite tool rank?

    Bob, great looking tables, you took a heirloom to make heirlooms. The craftsmanship make them a piece to cherish and hang onto, but the wood history make them priceless. you're right about turning having its own support system, but furniture had its own too, Table saw, planer, jointer... Both...
  18. Bear Republic

    A lot of shop time

    Great way to showcase the differences between various wood species.
  19. Bear Republic

    Head scratcher ads

    That's an old Delta router table, too bad it would be worth more of he had more bits than just the flat bit......
  20. Bear Republic

    Got a call this morning

    Sorry for your loss, its a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. As a woodworker I think creating an urn for someone is a wonderful tribute that your can do for a person.

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