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  1. SabertoothBunny

    Eastern Red Cedar

    Don't know much about what is up in the Raleigh area but down here near Fayetteville there is a mill that may have what you are looking for. They typically have red cedar and they sell kiln dried wood. Reach out to Feltz Sawmill, they are located in Raeford specifically, 910-308-7796
  2. SabertoothBunny

    Root ball turning

    Start by cutting off the long root sections as much as you can. From there, maybe start with shaping them on the lathe to the general shape you want (round oval, etc). Fill large voids as needed and just take your time as they will probably start out off balance. Sharp tools and PPE. Holly is a...
  3. SabertoothBunny

    SOLD - 10" Delta Band saw for sale

    Figured I would post here first in case anyone is looking. I am selling a 10" Delta 28-195 band saw for $150 down in Fayetteville. It has new wheels and cool blocks that were recently installed in addition to a stand and worklight, no blade (uses 72"). It works just fine, I am upgrading to a...
  4. SabertoothBunny

    Entry Level Wood Lathe

    The WEN tool website has a small variable speed lathe on sale right now for like $130ish. WEN are GREAT starter tools and well worth it at minimal cost.
  5. SabertoothBunny

    Garden Bench

    Help.... SO, got a request for a garden bench that will be 4ft long. They like the angled back and from that kinda roll from the seat down towards the legs with a 1x2 look for slats. A slight concave (is 1" standard?) for the seat also. I am having a really hard time finding plans or designs...
  6. SabertoothBunny

    Closing up my garage shop

    Email sent
  7. SabertoothBunny

    Corona Virus John Hopkins Abstract Fact sheet

    Thanks for sharing some hard facts, I prefer those to hearsay and rumor personally.
  8. SabertoothBunny

    Looking for a spray finishing student

    If you need anyone else to help I would love to come learn.
  9. SabertoothBunny

    Wands for b-day party

    Turned these this past weekend. A friend asked for wands for his son's birthday next weekend so it was a fun little project. Not too complicated and there is no right or wrong with these since its pure imagination. Made them from maple, white oak, poplar, pecan, and apple. Only broke on in the...
  10. SabertoothBunny

    Walnut and White Oak box

    I really like the contrast between the oak and walnut. Personally I really like oak and think it is underrated.
  11. SabertoothBunny

    Wood species for outdoor bench

    I would say don't count out white oak. White oak has similary durability to some of the more popular cedars and cypress but at a lower cost. Personally I really like white oak for some of these projects.
  12. SabertoothBunny

    Need suggestions for finish on funky end grain table

    My suggestion is to coat the bark first and let that soak in and dry. Then move to the main surface with whatever finish you are using. You may need to do an extra coat or two because that end grain will likely soak up the first couple of coats.
  13. SabertoothBunny

    Beginning Young Woodworker in NC

    Biggest thing I can tell you: don't be afraid to suck at something new or to fail. It is how we learn, it can be discouraging. You just need to focus on being positive and learning from every success and mistake. Don't fixate on errors or flaws and don't tell customers about flaws you see or...
  14. SabertoothBunny

    Rough sawn lumber near Brunswick county

    Check out Feltz Sawmill in Raeford, NC or MAC's Slabs in Raeford, NC. There is also Ballash Woodworks in Fayetteville, NC who may have some lumber to fit your needs. Not sure how much of a drive that would be for you but it would be shorter than a trip to Raleigh. I believe MAC's does do some...
  15. SabertoothBunny

    Another Flip Top Cart

    Do you have plans for this and are willing to share them? I have recently acquired these same power tools and need to make a flip top cart.
  16. SabertoothBunny

    Wedding Unity Puzzle

    Wow, that is some beautiful work
  17. SabertoothBunny

    Need use of 15" planer....

    I am down in Fayetteville but can travel some
  18. SabertoothBunny

    Looking for Good Eastern Red Cedar

    I believe MAC's Slabs in Fayetteville hase some red cedar slabs right now. He slabs lots of stuff and has some beautiful wood thought it can be on the green side.
  19. SabertoothBunny

    Bench Vise Screw How to Acquire for Nothing

    Huh, that is pretty cool. Would you happen to have a couple of spare ones that you acquired after equipment being replaced?

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