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    Anyone with a lathe in North Raleigh?

    FYI. If you can locate a section of 2 inch EMT electrical conduit, it has an OD of 2.197 inch which is only several thousandths over 2-3/16. Might fit.
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    Sketchup question

    I'll admit that Dave explained the process more clearly that I did, however I think the extra stile and subsequent erasure are still required since the end stiles in PeteM's figure are not the same width as the interior ones. Or you could make all of the stiles 1.5" them modify the end ones...
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    Should i try to fix a miter saw or buy new?

    If each side is individually straight you might first try to straighten it by using a center punch to expand the material along the inner perimeter of the center segment. Similar to what would be done to true up a framing square. If it works, great. If not the shimmed fence option will still...
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    Sketchup question

    Sketchup offers a way to do what you want, almost. But you can scam the system to get what you want by using the following sequence. Draw an object. Copy that object to another location. Immediately type, say, /5 into the dialogue box. This will place 4 copies of the item evenly spaced...
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    Need help designing a Swivel

    I'd be asking a lot of questions before using the turntable swivel you identified. Same for any 'lazy suzan' type of unit. My guess is that the advertised load rating is for a compression load. Your application will place the unit in tension. How the unit will handle tension depends on the...
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    Edge Pro Sharpening System

    I have had an Apex Edge Pro for several years. It is a well made tool and works as advertised. I can't say whether it will give better results than another system since I don't have experience with the others. I do find it awkward to sharpen small blades (like a pocket knife) and the tips on...
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    Root ball turning

    Also, remain cautious even after they are surface clean... Since they grow at/under ground level there can be stones embedded within the material.
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    Delivery of 20”planer

    Haven't done it myself since I moved to NC but in my job up north we had heavy/large equipment moved all the time. You will need to find a business that defines themselves as 'riggers'; those are the folks who move the heavy stuff.
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    Garden Bench

    I have this available as a Sketch-Up model if you're interested. It could be easily stretched to your desired 4 foot length. It is derived from a plan I bought from Woodcraft. (U-bild plan no. 917). The original plan called for Douglas Fir 2by material and used screws and dowel joinery. I...
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    Where can I buy 1/4 and 1/2 inch wood? has has a brick-and-mortar store in Matthews which is just inside the beltway on the south-east side. They have both baltic birch and an assortment of solid hardwoods in thin dimension but you will be pressed to find much solid wood wider than 6 inches. For the time being the...
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    Anyone know where I can have threads cut?

    If shops are reluctant to do this smallish job or their price is out of line you might consider removing 6 inches from the center of the pole and splicing it bach together using an internal sleeve and a filled epoxy like JB Weld. This would preserve both threaded ends and is amenable to DIY.
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    Drill Press Base Removal

    Assuming the inner (silver) portion is hollow, another approach might be to not remove the inner portion at all but, rather, locate another tube that fits inside and use it to splice the two sections together from the inside thereby preserving the OD fit to the table. From what you describe...
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    Celtic knot

    I think this is the video mentioned...
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    Two seater bench in red cedar

    Yep. moved them from centered (3/4 verticals vs 1-1/2 horizontal) to flush on the front side in deference to wife desire. Very positive change.
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    Two seater bench in red cedar

    I recently undertook a cedar bench project, one of my more ambitious undertakings, and thought I'd share the results. I started with rough sawn 2X6 boards obtained from a sawyer nearby (Brandon Smith). The design is based on one I bought but I made several changes to improve comfort (both my...
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    Portable Dust Collector for sale

    Monroe is 30min or so SE of Charlotte.
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    Bosch 1617 Adjustment

    Not trying to be a wise-guy but did you release the height lock (see base clamp lever in the figure)? I have that setup and it works just fine.
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    Knocked one off the "honey-do" list...

    Nice job. You will not regret having done all that work. I will never have a kitchen without pullouts again.
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    Wood species for outdoor bench

    Good points. I hadn’t considered paint but it does address a number of issues. It also allows the use of harder, stronger woods (e.g. oak).
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    Wood species for outdoor bench

    I am considering building an outdoor bench similar to the one shown in the attached photo. Currently considering either cypress or red cedar but am open to other options. I believe I can get cedar through a local sawmill but am curious if anyone has a recommendations based on workability...

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