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    Square foot cost of shop??

    I just ordered a 36 X 36 Metal Building from Miracle Truss. The cost for the trusses, roof, sides, a double door, 4 skylights, and some trim was $14.5K. I don't have a level piece of ground anywhere near my house, so I called a foundation guy and we're going to put in footers and a foundation...
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    Thinking of building

    Great idea. I thought of skylights, but never thought of installing them instead of windows. How did you insulate the garage doors? It gets pretty cold up here in the mountains and insulation and heat is a concern. Larry
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    Thinking of building

    a workshop next to my house. There's an interesting thread over on woodnet talking about the different types of construction, the building costs in different areas of the country, and the work that can be sub-contracted out and the work that can be done by the home owner. I'm considering a...
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    NCWW decal update

    Barbara, The Western North Carolina WoodWorkers meet monthly in Asheville. I would be happy to distribute the decals to those members, consolidate the money and send you one check. If you like, I'll get a list of members from mcrabbit and get you a total number of members. Larry
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    July Meeting of WNC Woodworkers Assoc.

    I'll be there. Looking forward to it.
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    NCWW bumper stickers

    I'd be interested in either, but would also prefer the window decal.
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    Finish on cherry

    I've used this method on several pieces and was very pleased with the results:
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    Refinishing Materials

    Thanks for the quick reply. I have asked her if the scratches are gouges or dents and she's promised to let me know. I don't think that decreasing the value of the pieces is a concern. Apparently they have been in her family for generations and she only wants to refinish them so that they...
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    Woodguy Cabinetmaking Class - Day 2

    Great class! I highly recommend John's classes. He's very well organized and extremely knowledgeable. And it was a pleasure to meet some really personable and pleasant guys. On the downside, I now have some serious tool and shop envy :cry: McRabbit - I didn't recognize that fat, old man...
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    Refinishing Materials

    I have a friend (my boss actually) who wants to strip and refinish some antique furniture that, unfortunately, has some pretty serious scratches on it. I was under the impression that these scratches could be filled with dyed or tinted shellac sticks that were melted into the scratch and that a...
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    Cabinet Making Class (April 29th and 30th)

    If you still have an opening, please put me down for your class. Thanksa
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    Dovetail/Router Problems

    Thanks to all of you for the feedback. From the threads, I will take back: 1. Cut a new piece of wood. 2. Make sure the collet insert is clean and free of debris. 3. Pay a bit more attention to the depth that I set the router bit 4. Even though the router is only a few months old, get a...
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    Let's compare grits

    There is an excellent article in the April 2005 edition of FWW on page 117. It discusses the differences in the grit sizes and the grit numbers for the CAMI and FEPA sandpapers. Not sure how you compare this information with the different sharpening stones, but I offer this FWIW.
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    Dovetail/Router Problems

    I'm obviously doing something wrong. When using my PC 890 VS router in my new Leigh D4R dovetail jig (hidden gloat, there), the dovetail bit loosens and significantly increases the depth of the tail slot. The router is running at the slowest speed to try and prevent tearout, and I've torqued...
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    Woodworking mistakes

    If I listed all the mistakes I've made in the short time I have been pursuing this hobby, it would shut down this website. Since I am self taught, I often screw something up and then can't figure out why. So that's a future mistake waiting to bite me on the backside. In the process of...
  16. Candle Box

    Candle Box

    Made this for my daughter's birthday. It's cherry finished with tung oil, lacquer, and wax. Dovetails cut with Leigh DT jig and miters cut by hand. Size is 4 1/2 wide, x 5 1/2 high x 11 deep
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    Dado Blades

    I have the Freud SD-608 Dado set. I am very happy with it and, after some trial and error, I can now set it up in just a few minutes with very little extra adjustments. I get sharp, accurate dadoes, rabbets, and grooves with it. I highly recommend it.
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    Some Inprogress Pics (Oak Kitchen)

    I'm impressed. That's beautiful craftsmanship.
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    Photo size

    800 X 800 works great for me.
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    Bessey K-Clamps on Sale

    Rockler is having a 40% off sale on several models of Bessey K-Clamps. Check it out here:

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