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    checkers anyone?

    Great job on the checker table! :icon_thum Keep it going so you can finish before the contest is up. Its looking fantastic and I can't wait to see it when it is done!!:eusa_danc
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    My WIFE is HOME~!!!

    Great News, Matthew!
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    Hi Evans, Welcome to the site! Keep us informed on how your projects are coming along! Also, we like photos! Hope the projects go well!!! :eusa_danc:eusa_danc
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    Thoughts needed for our grandson

    Brian, our family's prayers are with both him and all of your family ! It is very tough to have a member of the family sick and in the hospital. It is nice that Grandma will be there keeping them straight. Let us know how things are progressing!
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    Happy Birthday TracyP

    Happy Birthday Tracy ! Heres wishing you a very happy one!!!!! :icon_cheers :eusa_danc
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    Thumb/Palm Injury

    Jeremy, I know how how you feel! It only takes a second or two of not paying attention for it to jump up and bite you. 3 years ago, I was doing some work on the router. It was about 105 degrees in the shop and I was sweating like crazy. Like an idiot, I got some sweat in my eyes and took one...
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    Roger Goldman @ CWA Today July 21!

    Phil, I have to agree with you about Roger. He put out a lot of great information that I would never known if if I would not have attended the meeting with Roger! Now all I have to do is remember it till I can get it written down. But, overall... a great meeting with a very talented individual ...
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    Happy Birthday PChristy

    :new_birth Happy Birthday, Phillip!! :eusa_danc:eusa_danc You keep it up at this rate and you are going to catch up to me! I will make it easy because after the next one, I am not going to have another one!!!!!! :rotflm::rotflm:
  9. Misc Photos

    Misc Photos

    Weird and unusual photos
  10. Angel tree in Charleston, SC

    Angel tree in Charleston, SC

    Angel Tree - Estimated at about 1,400 years old. 25 feet around the base. Provides about 17,000 sq ft of shade.
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    Joining in the fun

    Welcome to the site Norm! Always glad to see so,eone new. Make sure to post pics of your work! We love pictures. Pat
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    Acrylic Pen for Son

    Great job on the Pen! That looks like one happy recepient! Pat
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    Scrolled car

    Robert, That is some fantastic work!!! I see that I will have a great time trying to duplicate that car for my two grandsons. Again, great job on the car! Pat
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    Captive Rings (A Tutorial)

    Ken, The same for me! I am also getting an error........ Pat
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    Kayak build part 1

    Gary, It looks like you are going to have a lot of fun building your project, with your daughter. As one who has been helped with several projects with my daughter, I can tell you that the experience was priceless! Good luck on the project and please post your WIP pics. Pat
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    My New To Me Tablesaw Gloat....Thanks to North Carolina Woodworker!

    Wayne, That is a fine addition to your tools! Now, what is going to be your first project on the saw? Great score and good luck with with it. Make something pretty!!! Pat
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    Thoughts and prayers for Cathy Skipper

    Cathy, Mary and I wish to extend our deepest sympathy's and prayers that our prayers would offer some degree of relief to you and John in this time of of great sadness for your famly. Pat & Mary Brown
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    And two more

    Phillip, Nice work on the pots! One of these days I will get back into turning again. You seem to have a great deal of fun in your shop. Keep up the good work. I enjoy watching as you folks create some beautiful memories for people it your communities. Right now I am trying to just deal with the...
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    Hi Folks!

    Welcome to our woodpile, Alan! Always glad to have someone new come in! One thing we always like to see is pictures of your progects, both in-progress and completed. Warning! No pictures, it didn't Happen. Again, welcome to the group. Looking foward to getting to know you! Pat
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    Please Pray for My Wife, Thanks For the Prayers!!!

    Re: Please Pray for My Wife Matt, You and your wife are in our family's prayers. You also have our wish's for her quick recovery. Pat

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