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  1. lastgoodusername

    new home for my belt sander

    Finished this up and thought I would post a picture. Hope it sparks an idea for someone else. Thanks for looking, JOhnny
  2. lastgoodusername

    Slot plywood, not mine, saw it on craigslist
  3. lastgoodusername

    My shop built sander

    One of the most used pieces of equipment in my shop.
  4. lastgoodusername

    A rocking horse for my daughter

    This is a project from a couple years ago, but thought it might give someone some ideas or motivation.
  5. lastgoodusername

    cast iron router wing from Peachtree Supply experiences?

    Looking into one of these and was wondering if anyone has one and what your thoughts are on it. Looking to install it on the left side of my Rockwell contractor saw utilizing an aux fence on my Biesemeyer. Thanks, Johnny
  6. lastgoodusername

    used semi truck brake drums. free to good home

    I have several of these. Google their other uses, besides brake drums and you will see they are pretty handy. They weigh in at around 90 lbs. Great grinder/tool bases, woodstoves , firepits. I am in the trucking business and I have these from time to time. Probable have around 5 or 6 now. You...

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