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    Thinking of building

    a workshop next to my house. There's an interesting thread over on woodnet talking about the different types of construction, the building costs in different areas of the country, and the work that can be sub-contracted out and the work that can be done by the home owner. I'm considering a...
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    Refinishing Materials

    I have a friend (my boss actually) who wants to strip and refinish some antique furniture that, unfortunately, has some pretty serious scratches on it. I was under the impression that these scratches could be filled with dyed or tinted shellac sticks that were melted into the scratch and that a...
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    Dovetail/Router Problems

    I'm obviously doing something wrong. When using my PC 890 VS router in my new Leigh D4R dovetail jig (hidden gloat, there), the dovetail bit loosens and significantly increases the depth of the tail slot. The router is running at the slowest speed to try and prevent tearout, and I've torqued...
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    Bessey K-Clamps on Sale

    Rockler is having a 40% off sale on several models of Bessey K-Clamps. Check it out here:
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    Router Motor Speeds

    Is there an article or chart that shows the best router motor speeds for doing various jobs in various types of woods? If so, can someone point me to it, please? Larry :-?
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    Hello from the High Country

    My name is Larry and I live in Banner Elk, about 15 miles from Boone, in Watauga County. I am a novice in fine word working although I’ve done some carpentry. I moved here about 3 years ago, and beginning earlier this year, I started converting my basement into a workshop. My plans are to quit...

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