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    Creative casework
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    Props to Zoro Tools

    I recently ordered a new floor drill press from Zoro Tools. The truck pulled up yesterday and the driver indicated I might not like the condition - it had fallen out of the box and was lying in loose pieces on a pallet with a scrap of the cardboard shipping box tucked into the pile (that's me in...
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    Fair winds and following seas

    Some of you know my wife Alice and I will soon be leaving NC for Oregon and the new adventures awaiting us in retirement. I want to thank the many members of NCWoodworker who have helped and supported me in my continuing journey to destroy our forests with no clear purpose. I've enjoyed the...
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    Final veneer sale

    I have just a few lots that I need to get rid of before next week which means I've got to make a deal on these: Butternut - (23) 12X99 190 sq ft $65 Zebrawood (10) 7X117 57 sq ft $35 Zebrawood (7) 8X94 36 sq ft $25 $110 takes it all. That's roughly 35 cents a foot. If you can find...
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    Everything is sold! Pictures of wood for tomorrow's sale

    I've got the garage sorted and am pricing the wood at 40-60% of a popular NC vendor, as follows: Wide ribbon sapele $3.00 bft White oak FS, planed and rough $2.00 bft White oak QS, planed and rough $3.00-3.50 bft African mahogany $3.00 bft Hard maple $1.50 bft Curly maple $1.50 bft Birch...
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    SOLD: Delta 50-760 dust collector with Wynn filter upgrade

    Dust collector is sold. This thing is too bulky to move so my loss, your gain. The Delta is equipped with a 1.5 hp motor and is rated at 1200 cmf. I replaced the filter bag with a Wynn 10 MERV filter for greater efficiency and safety. Uses ordinary heavy duty trash bags to collect the dust...
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    Reminder - wood sale tomorrow Southern Wake county

    Help me by helping yourself to some great deals on lots of wood. I promise low prices but if you think otherwise, tell me what you will pay. It starts at 10:00 tomorrow, Saturday, at 6721 Walnut Cove Dr., 27603. We're off Rock Service Station rd. in southern Wake county. Blue-gray ranch on the...
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    SOLD: Jet AFS-1000 Air Filter $225

    Jet set the standard for hanging air filters and their AFS-1000 moves considerably more air than the cheaper copy cats. It's in great shape and comes with remote, two new metal-frame filters (can be cleaned) and hanging hardware. I'd rather not move this so let's make a deal. $225.
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    SOLD: General 650 Table Saw $1500

    Table saw is sold. This is the original Canadian-made General left tilt saw, not the imported General International brand. About 10 years old, plus or minus, and in great shape (some small stains on the table that can easily be removed) this is one of the best saws made; it has the long fence...
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    I've got too much lumber, can't move it, so need to sell it

    I have accumulated a fair amount of lumber and need to lighten my load before moving. I've got cherry, maple, walnut, african mahogany, sapele, oak, zebrawood, and a little bit of this and that. It ranges from 2s planed ready for face frames, to 5/4, 8/4 and even a little 16/4 cherry. There's...
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    How to tweak a dado?

    What do you do if you find your dado slot is a smidge too narrow for the plywood insert? I'm not familiar with a plane that pares the vertical surface. I sanded it but I was wondering if there's an easier way. Thanks,
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    Veneer Extravaganza 3

    Updated list: Some of the best Heavy birdseye - fantastic and wide! (4) 22X90 55 sq ft $150 Waterfall bubinga - wide and nice figure (3) 17X116 41 sq ft $80 odds and ends: Lacewood - paper backed (1) 36X96 24 sq ft $25 No picture Ribbon sapele - paper backed (1) 36X56 and (1) 36X29...
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    Veneer extravaganza 2

    Much of the veneer has sold, but the four lots below, plus several listed in Veneer Extravaganza 3, are still available. It's all in excellent condition but like all veneers there may be repairable cracks or, in a few woods, the need to flatten. Prices are 30-50% of those on Certainlywood. I'm...
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    SOLD: Incra miter 5000 sled $175: Southern Wake County

    The miter gauge has been sold. This is a large and robust sled that includes a cut-off support on the left. Note that you may have to adjust where the miter bars are fastened on the sled and cut-off support due to variations in position of the miter slots on different saws, but fortunately Incra...
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    JessEm dowelling jig for 1/4" and 3/8" dowels $125/offer. Southern Wake county

    Dowelling jig from JessEm. Create 1/4" and 3/8" dowel holes on the end or face of your work piece. Locations of dowels can be pre-set in 1/8" increment, perfect for creating multiple dowel hole configurations. Adjustable indexing stop allows you to drill dowel holes in series accurately and with...
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    Morris Chairs need someone to complete them

    Our move west is coming up faster than I have time for and I'm performing triage on projects. Does anyone want two almost-finished Morris chairs in solid cherry, with curly cherry bow arms? I have backs for them but they will need a little work to make them narrower. The first two pictures are...
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    Pile of Odds & Ends

    Lots of small and some not-so-small pieces, including cherry, walnut, maple (plain, curly, ambrosia), wenge, African mahogany and ??? Most are milled to 3/4 or less, and many are 1/4-1/2" and perfect for boxes or crafts. First person who can pick all of it up tonight or tomorrow gets it. Contact...
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    Cross-country moving costs for ww equipment

    I'm trying to figure out if it makes sense to sell my machines here and replace them, or move them from NC to Oregon. Does anyone have experience with moving shop equipment (table saw, bandsaw, jointer/planer) long distances? Is it better to go with the household mover or look for a specialized...
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    Good price on Bosch 12V drill and impact driver kit (Amazon)

    My Bosch drills have always performed exceptionally and this is a pretty good price:
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    Dewalt DW717 slider - Amazon deal of the day $349 not endorsing, just alerting

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