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    Any junk Southbend Model 9's around?

    Title pretty much says it all, I need a spare parts Southbend model 9 or one to use parts from this one on another, I acquired one for cheap and the ways, gears, and jaws are very good condition but it is missing some parts so I am hoping to find another destined to the junkyard Southbend and...
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    Upcoming Estate Auction

    I can't make it to this auction but it seems to have a few decent goodies. Power feeder, bandsaw, 7" jointer, lathe, lathe tools, nailers, sanders, press, table saw, scroll saw, miter saw etc etc. Alot of harbor freight tools but...
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    Old Delta 1460 lathe questions

    Hey Everyone, Longtime lurker but never really posted, I was not planning on getting into wood turning this soon but instantly fell in love with the old iron look of the delta, but how are these lathes? I have little to no knowledge about lathes but I am very handy. Currently disassembled it...

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