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  1. lastgoodusername

    used semi truck brake drums. free to good home

    Enjoyed the visit as well. I know it may take "forever" to get your projects done, but please post them. Looking forward to your forge design.
  2. lastgoodusername

    used semi truck brake drums. free to good home

    Yes, I do. How many are you looking for? I probably have 10 or 12 on hand now. Thanks, Johnny
  3. lastgoodusername

    new home for my belt sander

    It also freed up bench space.
  4. lastgoodusername

    new home for my belt sander

    Finished this up and thought I would post a picture. Hope it sparks an idea for someone else. Thanks for looking, JOhnny
  5. lastgoodusername

    Slot plywood, not mine, saw it on craigslist
  6. lastgoodusername

    Where can I buy kerosine?

    And you don't have to deal with the smell.
  7. lastgoodusername

    Tool Wall

    Here is a picture of my tool boards. One is in my truck shop and the other from the wood shop. Both are from a couple of years ago but still gives the general idea. I haven't used french cleats for my tools in the wood shop but I have used it quite a bit in my truck shop. Go figure.
  8. lastgoodusername

    My shop built sander

    It is inflatable. It is really nice to use. I have a hand bicycle pump I use for inflation. Being able to let the air psi down and you can get a very contourable sander or pump it up and it will work like a drum sander.
  9. lastgoodusername

    My shop built sander

    Just a home shop, so a little bit of everything.
  10. lastgoodusername

    My shop built sander

    I use Klingspor.
  11. lastgoodusername

    My shop built sander

    One of the most used pieces of equipment in my shop.
  12. lastgoodusername

    My shop is Empty!

    Very nice table
  13. lastgoodusername

    Miter gauge - Recommendations

    I have a JDS accu-miter. I really like it.
  14. lastgoodusername

    A rocking horse for my daughter

    This is a project from a couple years ago, but thought it might give someone some ideas or motivation.
  15. lastgoodusername

    cast iron router wing from Peachtree Supply experiences?

    Looking into one of these and was wondering if anyone has one and what your thoughts are on it. Looking to install it on the left side of my Rockwell contractor saw utilizing an aux fence on my Biesemeyer. Thanks, Johnny
  16. lastgoodusername

    Garage Door Insulation Project

    That is a nice clean looking installation. I am going to be installing a 9' wide door in the next few days.I will be insulating it as well. Hope mine turns out as well as yours. Johnny
  17. lastgoodusername

    Tool of the past or is a radial arm saw awesome?

    Just picked up a 50's Dewalt nine inch. Really nice little saw for it's intended purpose. I've had a 14 inch back years ago, but sold it. When I was first out of the service, the lumberyard I worked at had a 14 or 16, can't remember for sure now. We used it to both crosscut and rip. It had a...

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