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    How-to site, from tops to Cowboy Hats + more!

    I found this site while looking around on the web. It has a bunch of tutorials (with pics) on a good vararity of projects that I know a lot of NCWWs' are ready to try! Who is going to be the first to turn their own baseball cap or cowboy hat? :-) :eusa_whis :eusa_whis Welcome to My...
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    Large tool sale in Myrtle Beach, SC

    Was poking around on woodnet and found this tool sale in their tools for sale section. It is listed under the heading "Thinning out my herd and making room". Might be worth checking out. WoodNet Forums: Thinning out my herd and making room Pat
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    From log to bowl

    I was going thru some paperwork and found this chart. I thought it would be helpful to people who are new to turning to understand what to do with a log they want to cut up into turning blanks. So I thought I would post it here for everyone. Hope it helps...
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    Question about CA Finish????

    Ok, I have a question about CA Finish on pens and how everyone does it! When I learned the CA finish, it seems that everyone I could find was uusing the combination of BLO and CA to finish their pens. No real explanation on why the BLO was being used. I would imagine that it was probably to...
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    Plane Assortment for sale on ebay

    Hi guys, I was poking around on ebay and found this assortment of planes on sale. Thought it may be something someone may be interested in, so here is the link: I hope it is...
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    Free Dovetail Caiculators plus others

    Hi, Couldn't sleep so I was poking around online and found this website with various free calculators that looked interesting. Anything from various types of dovetails to stairs and more. It will even print out results and patterns for the dovetails for those who do not have a dovetail jig...
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    Thickness gauge for planer

    I don't know who is subscribed to Shop Notes's woodworking tips by email, but I just read an email on setting up a dial indicator on your planer so you can set it to the precise depth you want your piece of wood to be planed to and when you reach that thickness, is will tell you. It sounded...
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    Wood Identification Site - Excellent

    Hi all, I have seen quite a few posts asking help ID'ing various woods. I found this site tonight and it was so good I decided to share it with everyone! Check it out! Great site :eusa_danc :eusa_danc :icon_thum Pat
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    First Small Box

    Here is the first small box that I have made since starting to turn. I made it as a baby shower gift for my daughter to hold a very small bracelet for our soon to be born grandaughter(End of June). It is made out of Canarywood, which turns easy and finishes well. I also made a pen out of the...
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    Turning a 13 ft bowl ???

    8-O Here is a little bit of trivia for you! Any one read German here? I hope someone can decipher some of this story. I found it on line and since I had not seen it here, I decided to post it! It appears that this guy decided to turn a bowl about 13 ft wide! There are a number of links here...
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    Hi everyone-This is a great community!

    Hello from Kannapolis:!: Well to start out, I moved down to NC from Upstate NY in Dec 05. I have been involved in woodworking since I was a teen.(A Long Long time ago). I have spent the last 32 years either in the Army or working for them. I never really set up a woodworking shop until I got...

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