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    Chat transcripts

    Where would I find transcripts of chat sessions. A search finds mention of them but no actual transcripts themselves. Thanks, Don
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    Dovetail saw recommendations

    Now that I have started down this path, I'd like to buy a dovetail saw. I used a few at the tool box workshop yesterday and some were better than others. Some were very tight in the kerf and a lot of work to use. Perhaps they had little to no set on the teeth. Others were easier to use. All that...
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    Looking for the person who had the Dust Collector system in the Classified Ads

    A month or so ago, someone listed a 2 hp DC for sale including the ductwork. I was wondering if it sold or was just removed from the listing. Anyone know who that was? Thanks, Don
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    List of Discount Program vendors

    Not sure if this belongs here or somewhere else. I am looking for a list of vendors that offer discounts to NCWW members and what those discounts are. My search skills have failed to find this info. Thanks in advance, Don
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    Looking for a Workmate collectors website

    I just found an old Workmate 225 that had been thrown out. It is one where both clamp screws are connected by a belt so that one hand can operate both screws. The top needs replacing, no problem, and I have found a supplier for most of the few bits I need to make it serviceable again. The belt...
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    New "Old" member up on Lake Gaston

    Hello all, I registered 4 years ago and don't think I ever returned. I enjoy woodworking on a small scale, as well as, model airplane and model rocketry hobbies. I am planning a new shop attached to our house. I'd like to try my hand at building a couple of small boats. Looking forward to...

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