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    Two seater bench in red cedar

    I recently undertook a cedar bench project, one of my more ambitious undertakings, and thought I'd share the results. I started with rough sawn 2X6 boards obtained from a sawyer nearby (Brandon Smith). The design is based on one I bought but I made several changes to improve comfort (both my...
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    Wood species for outdoor bench

    I am considering building an outdoor bench similar to the one shown in the attached photo. Currently considering either cypress or red cedar but am open to other options. I believe I can get cedar through a local sawmill but am curious if anyone has a recommendations based on workability...
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    Upcoming project with 7 yr old girl

    My daughter and her fiancé will be coming from CT for a visit along with his 7 yr old daughter, Emma. As we are in a rural area, I was worried that she’d be bored so I proposed a project for her and me to work on while she is here. The doll-sized rocking bench shown here is a scaled version of a...
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    Jorgensen EZ hold 12 inch clamps on clearance

    Found at my local (Monroe, NC) Lowes. 2-pack for $15.99. Seems to be system-wide as indicated via
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    Newbie from Monroe

    Just wanted to (finally) say hello. My name is Rick Rockwell. I am a former Yankee (CT). Been in Monroe, NC since retirement 2 yrs ago. Not a 'real' woodworker but know my way around the shop . Mostly do functional items and home repair type stuff.

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