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    Drill Press Question

    I tried cogged but no one had cogged that fits. There is a lot of gunk on metal joints so will clean, grind lightly and blo!
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    Drill Press Question

    Thank you all! i ended up getting belts from autozone! oreilly/advanced auto/tractor supply didn't have the size i wanted. The belts were a little tight, maybe because they are new. I had the motor all the way in (no tension) and i had to pry the belt over the motor pulley to get it in, not much...
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    Drill Press Question

    Thank you all for the help, advice and illustrations. I didn't have penetrating oil so made a cocktail of vegetable oil and acetone and let it soak overnight. Worked like a champ after some taps. Now gotta find new belts. The belts that came with it are V A25 and A23. I went to HF to get that...
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    Drill Press Question

    Hello everyone! I just picked up a used drill press that had semi torn belts. I was able to lessen the tension on the motor pulley but have no clue how to pull the idler (center) pulley from place or lessen it's tension to put on a new belt on. All the videos I saw online showed the idler...
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    Free to good home!

    Please Let me know where you are located and I will get it today?

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