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    converting spindle sander

    What is the chance of converting a 4.5 inch spindle to a 6 inch spindle. I have a Sears model that is close to 20 years old. I have looked for a new sander but not a single one gives the length of the spindle in the specs. If you look hard enough for the sleeve size you can determine the spindle...
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    DW 421 ros

    sorry to be so slow in saying thank you, this is what I was looking for
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    DW 421 ros

    A few months ago I located a good adapter to attach this sander to a small shop vac, should have purchased it then. I took a picture which I now can not find. I think I was looking at the questions on amazon but it may have been NCW. It is a standard plumbing fixture. I looked and HD had it in...
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    L K Venture ban saw boxes

    I decided to just make the dang thing. Once I started I realized how simple it is. I apologize for not saying thank you for the reply.
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    L K Venture ban saw boxes

    I actually looked for enough scraps to make another blank to experiment with, could not find any so I went with the post. I am returning to woodworking after a long absence (20 years) and do not have much wood around. I kept all my heavy metal so at least I do not have to start over buying...
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    L K Venture ban saw boxes

    I have made a number of her boxes but have run into an issue I do not understand. For the Boa and Cobra boxes she states "you will need to back out of the round drawer cuts". This is on page 34 of her book. For the life of me I can not figure out what she means. I do not see a cut I need to...
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    bandsaw fence position

    While reading Lois Keener Ventura's book on bandsaw boxes I noticed she placed the back of the box against the fence when she cut the back off. I have only made a few boxes and cut the back off to the right of the blade. Just curious what the advantage of having the back against the fence might.
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    John Leake, furniture maker

    About 30 years ago I decided I wanted to learn how to make furniture. I heard about a club in York, SC and joined. The club was founded by John and most of the meetings were in his shop. One of John's favorite things to say was " quite trying to make it perfect, it is not going to end up in the...
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    orbital sander with shop vac connectivity

    Went back and found the review I had read. The guy said to use a drain and trap connector 2"x 1 1/2" made by American Valve. I looked on Amazon and where they show items bought together they show the Dewalt ROS and the American Valve connector. I do not want to bad mouth Dewalt because I have...
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    orbital sander with shop vac connectivity

    I am looking to buy a 5" orbital sander that will connect to a shop vac. Dewalt says they have one using their adapter. Read a number of reviews which say the sander and adapter do not fit together. Really strange if true. Anyone know of a sander which will connect to a shop vac. without...
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    Question, Carter Products and Yellowhammer Tool Works

    Pop, I think you misses my point about Amazon. I have had great success using Amazon Prime. I do have a follow up about Carter on this issue. The Carter instructions are about as bad as I have seen. The step by step instruction are poorly written and refer to pictures that are a very poor...
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    Question, Carter Products and Yellowhammer Tool Works

    I do not think my issue is with Carter Products but since this is one of their items I put their name on the banner. My son gave me a Carter quick release for my 14" Delta band saw. He bought it through Amazon. The name of the company on the address label is Yellowhammer Tool Works. The shipping...
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    Delta band saw and Carter guides

    The Carter products are good but way to expensive. I was looking to see what new might have come along since I have been out of woodworking for so long.
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    Delta band saw and Carter guides

    Returning to making saw dust after 20 plus years of hauling our horse's around and doing a lot of mountain riding. I bought a Delta 14" band saw in 1994. Bought a riser for it, seemed like a good idea at the time. The band saw sat unused most of the time. Returning to making saw dust does not...
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    return location

    After viewing a question in a forum how do I return to my last location without returning to the start of the forum. I have been away from woodworking and this site for a number of years so this will not be my only dumb question.
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    band saw question

    Left off one question from my earlier post and I am to dumb to figure out how to edit it. I need new tires, any recommendations?
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    band saw questions

    I want to make some upgrades to my Delta 14" band saw with riser. What blade is considered the best for making band saw boxes. Which guides would work best for band saw boxes. I also want to add a quick tension release, any recommendations.
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    old growth pine

    This wood was cut in the 1800's. I have had it many years and it has been stored in a dry barn. Not sure what finish I am going to use.
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    old growth pine

    This wood was cut in the 1800's. I have a paper trail that verifies this. I have had this wood for many years and it has been stored in a dry barn. The boards are 4" wide and I am gluing them.
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    Bandsaw boxes

    I am returning to woodworking after about a 6 year break. We have been traveling and camping with our horses during this time. I was really interested in making furniture before my break. I think I am going to scale back the size and scope of what I make in the future. During my break I read...

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