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    Woodmaster Planer/Moulder opinions?

    George I welcome you to come by my house to look at my Woodmaster and maybe I can explain it a little better to you. It will take me some time to move all my tools around to let you see the woodmaster.
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    Woodmaster Planer/Moulder opinions?

    George, I am sorry that I can not answer your question since it has been years since I have used the 718 back and forth. It takes time to change the different shafts between the sander to molder and back to the saw. You have to remove the shaft for every changes, it does take some time to make...
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    Woodmaster Planer/Moulder opinions?

    George, I have the 718 that I have had for several years and I love it. I have used it in my shop to run moldings only since I already had a planer and a sander that I would use for these jobs. It is also a sander which works great and a gang rip saw which I have used many times. I do not...
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    Delta 22-785X 15" Planer $800.00

    I have this Delta Planer for sale, it includes the mobile base, Wixey thickness gauge and a extra set of sharpened blades. I live is S. Charlotte, this is for pickup only. Cash $800.00. Thanks for looking, Colin
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    New from Charlotte

    Welcome to the forum. I too live in S. Charlotte off Rea Rd. Colin
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    FOR SALE Delta Iron Bed 1440 Lathe w/Duplicator. $1000.00

    I am down sizing my shop and need to get rid of a few tools. Along with the Delta Lathe and Duplicator I also have included the cutting tools, mask, Delta Jaw Chuck and 2 extra cutters for the Duplicator. Colin Helms I live in S. Charlotte off Rea Rd. This is for pickup only.
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    Vectric software?

    I too use Vectric Aspire.
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    3/4" cherry veneer plywood

    David, You might want to try A&M Supply 1200 Corporation Parkway #115 • Raleigh, NC 27610, 984-255-2850. They carry many different sizes and makeups for Cherry Veneer Plywood. Colin Helms
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    Moulding standards?

    Steve, Check out Wood Moulding & Millwork Producers Association, their website is They have collected and publish Pattern books to identify mouldings since the late 1800's per their info. Hope this will help you. Colin Steve, sorry I did not read all of your comment to see that you...
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    Where to find this molding?

    dazart, I just wanted to show you the profile that I cut for another customer, sorry I don't have time to check all the profiles that I have run. I am a 1 man shop and I do work for lumber yards, contractors and customers wanting something. I know that I have cut another larger profile but I...
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    Where to find this molding?

    I can run this molding for you. I have run something very close to what you are showing. If what I have is not the same as what you need, I can have the knives made and run the footage that you need. I can work up some numbers for the cost of the knives and molding. I will be out of town all...
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    Veterans Can Access US Military Online Exchange Nov 11, 2017

    Site couldn't verify me either. Told me to try again after Sept. 30th. Will try again later! Thanks for posting this information.
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    Safe to rip this?

    Dazart, Give me a call to setup a time for you to come down to my place so we can cut this board down to the size you want. I live in S. Charlotte off of Rea Rd. Look forward to hearing from you. Colin Helms
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    Pre-Novice From Charlotte

    Welcome to the Forum Jason, you can drop by my little shop and see how my tools work. This way you will have a hands on experience and ask me whatever questions you might have. You can contact me by PM. Forgot to tell you I live in S. Charlotte off of Rea Road, a couple of stop lights past...
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    Change login name

    Thank you Tracy.
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    Change login name

    I would like to change my login name from my business name to my name. Would you please change it to Colin Helms. Thank you in advance, Colin
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    Baltic Birch in Charlotte... group buy?

    I'm with JohnW, try A&M Supply off of N Graham St. I've worked with them for quite a few years. Give them a call. Colin
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    Anyone in South Charlotte area with a drum sander I can borrow some time on?

    Today or next Saturday will work for me. What about one day next week after work, I got an install on Monday but will be home mid afternoon. Whatever works best for you.
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    Anyone in South Charlotte area with a drum sander I can borrow some time on?

    Carl, Come on by any time this afternoon, just watching TV. Give me a call and I will give you directions to my house. Colin
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    Anyone in South Charlotte area with a drum sander I can borrow some time on?

    Carl, I live in S. Charlotte off Rea Road and would be glad to help you out with your project. I have a 24" General sander that will work. Give me a call at 704-400-4447 and we can set up a time for you to come by. Colin Helms

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