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  1. pcooper

    Woodpecker Router Table Questions

    I'll be available after about 3:00 in the afternoon, Phone is a TN number 931-267-4474. Most any afternoon this week is good after 3
  2. pcooper

    Woodpecker Router Table Questions

    I have three of them, two small and one large, two are mounted in my table saw extensions, and one is a stand alone. Your contact info says you're in Mooresville, I'm out on Hwy 16 in Maiden close to Christian Tours, might be about as easy to take a ride to my shop and look at the tables and...
  3. pcooper

    Newer Craftsman Radial Arm Saw $200

    I have a radial arm saw that I'd like to sell, this tool has seen very little use in the years I've had it. It is not one of the Emerson recalled ones. it has a feed motor that allows for controlled pulling across the cut, three settings and a trigger that allows for 'in between' settings. It...
  4. pcooper

    Not a Saw Stop

    Sorry to hear this, hope it heals quickly and you get back to your usual activities. Sure glad it wasn't worse!!!
  5. pcooper

    drip groove in cutting board

    Before my CNC I would create a template that fit the board and hand held router. I had to take small passes to keep from wandering but worked out well. The down side (my view) is the template is a single use thing unless you intend to make a bunch of the same thing, so if it's a single run, use...
  6. pcooper

    Dewalt 735 problem

    There are two guide shields in the bed area that are supposed to fit into the body of the planer that adjusts, you may have one that is misaligned for some reason and stopping downward travel. Mine did that one time.
  7. pcooper

    Hello from Denver, NC

    Welcome to the group!! I'm in the Maiden/Denver area, so not far away.
  8. pcooper

    Is a Byrd Shellix cutterhead worth the money?

    I have an old craftsman contractor saw that was new in the late '70's or early '80's, and it has been upgraded with about everything except the basic saw lift and table. That said, the only other upgrade I want is to go to the saw stop technology. I understand the difference between cost of...
  9. pcooper

    Is a Byrd Shellix cutterhead worth the money?

    I like the difference in the cut quality enough to pay for the upgrade. I do a lot of figured wood, and liked my upgrade to my DeWalt planer so much I just did the old Delta jointer that I have. There is just no comparison between the Shellix cutters and straight blades. I can't afford machines...
  10. pcooper

    Easy question for dust collection

    I bought plastic see thru bags from Klingspor to fit my machine and emptied them somewhere to save buying new bags as often. The wood makes ok mulch for some folks as long as there's no walnut in it. Since I have woods on my property, I put my shavings there instead of the trash.
  11. pcooper

    Where does you favorite tool rank?

    My list looks like this: 1. Cordless impact drivers, screw drivers and drills. 1. Drill press. 1. Miter saw. 1. Table saw. 1. Random orbit sander. 1. Planer 1. Router 2. Lathe 3. Hand Planes.
  12. pcooper

    Federal Card Table -- Finished Pictures

    Very nice!!!
  13. pcooper

    Belt Disc Sander

    Agreed!! I've done the same thing, and once I found that I needed the tool more than I thought, I upgraded to a better tool. I figure I got my money's worth out of the H-F tool, and sent it on to another new woodworker that needed a start, usually as a free tool. There are some tools I knew I...
  14. pcooper

    Scotch-Brite Pads

    Wow, I'm like Bruce, amazing...simply because I'm looking for this info and here it is!!! Thanks!!!
  15. pcooper

    Rookie Mistake

    I think we've all been there, thing is you will learn from that mistake and hopefully remember to find a way to not do that again. I have to mark what parts are on a piece of tape, that way I know where they go when they're in the stage you are in. Just be glad it wasn't one of the last things...
  16. pcooper


    Good call, lots of fun activities are being put on hold for this, and we may as well do our part to stay healthy. Besides, it'll make for more shop time.
  17. pcooper


    Depending on how you want to join jigs, I've been drilling and tapping parts and doing counter sink areas on the other piece and using regular machine screws. This stuff drills and taps wonderfully as long as you lubricate and go slow as with any other kind of threading. Another good side of...
  18. pcooper

    Site Instability

    I think that anyone that has been on your side of the web site (or any web site) would understand your position. I certainly do, and appreciate all your hard work. When it doesn't work, I just hang out for a while knowing it'll be back before long.
  19. pcooper

    Do you use a biscuit joiner and if so, for what?

    I use one occasionally, much like others already pictured, but mostly for things like chess boards where the assembly isn't perfectly flat when I'm trying to glue it up the final time. For me it helps to align parts that are slightly off from the next part but will easily 'move' to the right...
  20. pcooper

    To replace Drill press motor or not

    If you don't do it now, you have to do it when it is the absolutely least convenient time to do it, that is when you MUST get something done and now you can't. I know that from experience.

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