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    My NCWW Angels are done.

    Awesome Scott!
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    A bit of history

    My first thought was of Oliver Douglas (Green Acres) and imagined he must have had a woodworking suit to go with the plowing suit, planting suit etc., but that was just how people dressed at one time. Cool picture sir! Obviously that woodworking gene got passed along.
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    More Changes to Klingspor's Woodworking Shop Hours - Sort of!

    Thanks for the update Coleman! Hope this situation hasn't been too hard on you fine folks. Know lots of people quarantining at home are finding more time for woodworking and our need to resupply is going strong. Let us thank you and yours for your continued support!
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    Recent Turnings

    Yep! Awesome as always
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    Happy birthday FredP

    Happy birthday Fred! Enjoy your day, sir!
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    Ethan you are missed my friend! This community has reaped the benefit of your knowedge and willingness to help others so many times. Sending you positive energy and hope all is well in your world Blessed be~
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    New turning

    Awe inspiring as always! Looking good
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    New layered pieces

    Spectacular as always
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    Bruce sending you all the healing positive energy I can my friend! Hopefully this will be a very short interlude that will open another chapter of lessened restriction and pain. Will be lifting you and yours as well as your medical caregivers all up in prayer. Blessed be~
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    Help Needed

    Dirk I will certainly be lifting you both and her caregivers all up in prayer!
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    Hate it is going to skip a year but hopefully next year will work out. Always look forward to attending. Special thank you to Bruce and Adam for your work on this in the past.
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    The job I did not want but ...

    Truly a labor of love! Lovely work and I love how you incorporated things important to her into the piece. I've made a few for people important to my life. Every shaving, every chip, every speck of dust symbolized a life of memories and love. The first one I made I did not think I could do, but...
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    Lovingly Remembered

    Phil I am sorry to hear that your wife has died, but my friend I hope you can rejoice and find comfort in that she passed peacefully at home. That is how my Debbie went, and that was her only hope. The end of life of a loved one is a sorrowful time but often there is comfort in knowing that...
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    Latest Harpsichords

    Simply stunning!
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    Christmas Commission

    Bruce awesome work as always. It's people so don't fret it (no pun intended). You did what you agreed to. Sleep is over rated anyhow. Blessed be~
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    Merry Christmas Group!

    Merry Christmas Coleman and thank you and all your Klingspor family for the support you have shown this group and its members over the years! Hope your collective Christmas season is your most joyous to date. Blessed be~
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    It's here!! Updated

    Awesome! When you get time how about a brief synopsis?? Cut in good health my friend~
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    Happy Birthday Steve Coles

    Happy Birthday Steve Your 'baby' seems to be doing pretty well! Thank you for sharing it with us~
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    Simple Candlesticks

    When "mama's happy...." Hope you sign and date them. The week before she passed away, my mother gave me a pair I made and gave to her when I was in 10th grade . First things I made on a lathe the shop teacher didn't take the bandsaw to. She loved them, and I was kinda proud of them then - now...
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    Cool Old BW Pics

    That extension ladder is equipped with "tormentor poles" - gives the ladder lateral stabilization and assists in raising and lowering the ladder. 35' and 45' are the most often encountered but LAFD had theirs made to be 50'. In early days there were some even longer before ladder apparatus were...

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