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    Making the perfect wine barrel

    There are some good videos online of professional barrel makers - not so much the stave dimension/production but rather forcing and holding the staves together
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    We are now a Shaper Origin Dealer at The Woodworking Source

    Interesting tool - but I wonder about paying $600 extra to extend the warranty from 1 to 2 years. That seems pretty steep.
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    Woodcraft Bands

    Just ordered nine blades and enjoyed a fairly long chat with John. If you use his blades you better stock up - he doesn't plan on being in the business forever.
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    Some pics from a rare book

    Hi Martin - I was fortunate to see some original Chinese furniture in Shanghai and Xi'an museums - very impressive. Their craftsmen often used very unique joinery in their furniture. Check out this video with Andrew Hunter for an example:
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    Suggestion on Hold Fasts

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    Lock Miter Bit opinions, good/bad?

    The Kehoe jig (Infinity tools makes something similar) makes strong and attractive miters using a sliding tapered dovetail spline. I'm not sure if he's still in business - the website is pretty old.
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    A place to sell work

    It's very easy to saturate a limited market with unique items, even those that you assume have broad appeal. I used to make cutting boards to sell at a well-known Christmas craft show, with profits donated to the Eastern NC food bank. The first year I sold nearly $2000 in one day, the next year...
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    Surprise Me!

    Nogal with holly trim. Nix purpleheart for the reason James points out.
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    Media Blasting Service

    I saw the title and thought it might refer to a new cabinet-level position in the WH.
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    Cool shop for somebody

    Phil - That's a tremendous unit and a wonderful offer
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    Work bench - top assembly

    I used some 3/8" dowels that were marketed for the JessEm jig
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    Work bench - top assembly

    I made a template as described, drilled holes in the base and top and used dowels. No glue so you can easily remove the top. It's very stable under the normal shear forces exerted on the bench, and very simple
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    Raised Garden Bed

    Advice from the plant/soil perspective: If you build raised beds suspended above the ground surface, as depicted, make sure you use a commercial potting mix that drains well, such as MiracleGro (not a plug, but it is a good product). If you simply fill with native soil, the suspension interrupts...
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    How can I effectively resaw on this?

    I'd consider putting a thin kerf blade on my table saw and cut part-way through on each edge, maybe 2". Then resaw the rest on your bandsaw. It will make it a lot easier and you probably will end up with just as much thickness as you would trying to resaw the whole 8" directly on the bandsaw...
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    Creative casework
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    Charity Vase

    First, fantastic work! If you are thinking about pricing for a tax write-off, you may be disappointed. As I recall, and this is anecdotal, the tax code allows craftspeople who donate their work to only claim the cost of their materials. The value of the finished product is immaterial. Note: I'm...
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    Shellac development

    Search "leaking shellac cans" and you'll see this is a widespread problem. For Zinsser to say they were unaware of this seems disingenuous.
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    Pallet tool

    The picture you posted seems to be from an export company in South Africa. Here's a similar pry bar...
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    Another plug cutter question, smaller sizes?

    Here's a suggestion from 2004 off the Woodcentral board: "You might try using just the countersink from a drillset in which the twist drill goes through and is held into the countersink by an allen screw. This cuts a plug the same size as the twist drill which you remove. I have done this to...
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    What kind of wood is this

    Looks like redbud to me

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