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    hardly fine woodworking but I do love innovation Not safe, but also not the point. Imagine this is in a country where little is available and far less...
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    I used to think my planes were sharp sorta makes one feel humbled -(which for me doesn't take much)
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    rather large vase and a rather large lathe Thought some of you might appreciate this.
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    Met a member yesterday and gave a great saw a new home

    Carl Fisher had a scroll saw in the classified area that caught my eye. He said all it needed was a new home. After an easy drive he was proved right. Thanks Carl, it was my pleasure to meet you, your wife, and daughter. I am pretty sure the saw has found it's forever home! Look forward to many...
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    Western area lunch - Come join us

    We missed our lunch last month and after talking with Hank, a scheduled trip won't let him be here this month either. I was thinking next week, Tuesday or Wednesday (Sept 22 or 23) whichever might work best. Daddy D's in Hendersonville at 11:30. Everyone is welcome. If you need details or...
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    Dust collection - share information and a pic of yours?

    I have put it off for too long and am starting the process of deciding on dust collection for my shop. There is a lot of equipment, a lot of ideas, and a plethora of opinions on this subject. I have read though a lot of older and newer threads on dust collection, read articles and...
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    Saving cracked rough turned bowls

    Here is one method of dealing with a rough turned bowl that cracked. I can only dream of having such a work shop! But indeed I do dream~
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    I may have a new least favorite wood

    Today I turned some marble wood. I turned three pieces and on the third one I was FINALLY getting near what I wanted. I was hollowing and a fairly small catch resulted in taking the side out of the piece. Just ground my grits! I've turned marble wood before but never hollowed it. Anyone have any...
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    Is there interest in a turning workshop in the Western part of the state

    If I remember correctly several years ago Jeremy had a workshop in the Charlotte area on making pepper mills. I can't recall a lot of details but Charlotte was a bit of a drive and I wound up working the day they scheduled it, couldn't swap shifts, and I wasn't able to make it. I just wanted...
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    some kind of glitch - mine or yours??

    Hey all- you guys do an amazing and too often thankless job - you are appreciated! I have something going on. Didn't worry about it the first time, now it happened again. When replying on a thread, I got " stuck". I kept getting a new blank page with some writing on the top that said something...
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    Hello - I'm not Johnny Cash. I am CaptnA, not new but been away for some time

    My name is Andy, CaptnA and I joined some time ago. Its been a bit since I was here. This was a great place and I am sure it still is. Pardon me in advance if I sound like a newcomer - I am sure I have lots to learn and catch up on. I live in Henderson County and am interested in many...
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    I also would like to apologize for not attending the picnic

    I had hoped to attend the picnic but two weeks ago I was injured at work. Still out of work and more medical assessment to come. I feel as a member of the board I owe an explanation for not being there. The community is a great place with great people. I will miss the fellowship with...
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    RAFFLE TICKETS and picnic and woodworkers!

    Have you bought your raffle tickets yet?? Every year, twice a year our staff gets AWESOME prizes together and raffles them off to raise money, and promote community among the users on this site. Have you looked at the line up of prizes? Buy tickets today and come to the annual picnic and take...
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    Spring Donation Drive Finale

    Re: Spring donation drive is underway! THANK YOU, to everyone that has already donated to our Annual Spring Donation Drive! If you have NOT donated yet, Please consider doing so today. It is simple, almost painless, and most important 'its the right thing to do'! This site unlike some, has no...
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    Spring donation drive is underway!

    The SPRING DONATION DRIVE IS UNDERWAY ~ Hello all. It is Spring - at least in the hearts of!~ It is time for our annual Spring Donation Drive. This IS a vitally important event to this site. This event brings in dollars necessary to operate the site, AND meets the requirements...
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    Who are we

    A good while back, before the election obviously, I stated that I thought we (ncww) needed a who we are section/dropdown/sticky whatever, to tell ANYONE looking at the page who we are. If its there yet, I missed it, and I've looked. There is more information in the flyer I saw at WoodCraft...
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    bear with me

    I came home Saturday morning and found my life has been changed drastically. Things will eventually arrive at a manageable place. Until it does, bear with me. I'll try to keep up as best I can, but if I'm falling short please feel free to step in or chunk a rock at me. Thanks -
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    Need to dust off the thermometer bar

    Hello all, its time for the Fall Donation Drive. My second favorite time of the year, right after the Spring Drive! Okay, now you know where we're going... Can we get the "Donate" button/link and the Thermometer ready to go? I'll have a thread in the morning (9/1) under Fund Raisers. I put...
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    The Fall Donation drive starts September 1st

    I hope everyone will take a moment and read this. Our site is growing. Numbers show that we have 5,640 registered members as of writing this! We have 688 active members. Pretty decent numbers for a 'local' site and growing every day!! You all may remember when you found this site and looked...
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    life is calming down

    Hope I haven't missed anything vital. Been a rough past week and a half. We lost a firefighter at a large fire, eleven of us including yours truly were taken to the er. My injury was painful but minor. When a friend dies, its hard to complain about your knee. The most severe injury through the...

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