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NCWW Marketplace Policies

NCWW Marketplace Policy

This documents the rules for posting items wanted or for sale in our marketplace sections. These rules are necessary to comply with the regulations applying to our non-profit status, to protect our valued sponsors, and to generally make the site fair and orderly. Postings that do not conform to these policies will be deleted.

Found for sale / Hot deals
If you find an article or service for sale that you are not involved with, that you think the members would be interested in, you may post it here. Items such as local auctions or estate sales with tool interest, non-NCWW woodworking events, and other items found for sale off site. All valid members are welcome to post here.

Where can I find?
If you are looking for a particular item or service and you would like the help of your fellow members, you may post the inquiry here. All valid members are welcome to post here.

For Sale/Wanted
(This section replaces our old classified feature).
Commercial Ads or Services for Hire are not allowed in this section. Consider becoming an advertiser to support this site.

Any member who has attained the "User" or better privilege level may place advertisements here. Posts are limited to woodworking-related items or services that are for sale, wanted, or offered free to fellow members. Advertisements may not contain links to off-site sales (such as eBay), but may include links to personal or reference websites related to the item being offered.

Members selling refurbished or reconditioned equipment (defined as any used woodworking equipment that is purchased with the intent for resale following such refurbishing or reconditioning by the seller) must contact the NCWW staff before posting these items. There will be a fee ($10 for items under $200, $25 for items above).

Wood For Sale
Any member who has attained the "User" or better privilege level may place advertisements here. Lumber or other wood-related products (such as veneers) should be posted to the Wood for Sale forum. Wood items created by members and offered for sale, should go int he Member-Created Works forum.

Member-Created Works
This section is for members to sell their wood products. To create threads in this forum you must have achieved Corporate Member status. The item must be wood work that the member made. A price must be listed in the post and the poster must say if he's willing to deliver, ship, and/or allow pickup at the seller's location

Pony Express Requests
If you have something that needs to be moved from one part of our membership area to another. Post it here to see if it can be connected with a member going in that general direction.

Commercial Postings
Commercial firms or Members wanting to place Banner or Sidebar Advertisements should use the Contact Us link for options available. For-profit Members selling lumber, turning woods or other unfinished raw wood products may post a thread in the Wood Forum as long as the following criteria are met: (1) The offering is exclusively for NC Woodworker members; (2) Pricing should be lower than normal sales at their regular place of business; and (3) A discount to members and/or a nominal donation to NC Woodworker, Inc. per $100 in total sales is included in the offering. All added costs such as sales tax or shipping and handling should be clearly spelled out. "Special Sales" shall be limited to once per Commercial Member per month. No finished products may be offered. NC Woodworker, Inc. does not endorse or warrant any products offered and retains the right to remove any ads.

Commercial Members may post notice of woodworking events or classes for woodworkers in the User Announcement Forum.
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